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Under-Rated Prepper Items - Battery Jump Box

Battery Jump Boxes come in all shapes and sizes and I have found what I feel may be the best all around to fit small vehicles to diesels pickup trucks. Over the past several years this particular jump box has been a true lifesaver for me and my family. I cannot tell you how many times I have used it on a week in / week out basis not only as a true Jump Starter but more as a Portable Power Pack Unit for my Trade Shows as well as in case of Emergencies when power goes out due to storms. I do a lot of trade show throughout the year and paying for power can cost me an additional $150.00 per weekend / show. This little unit can power several cell phones as well as a small cash register or laptop computer / credit card machine all at the same time all day. Generally, I may only need it for my scrolling L.E.D. Sign and two cell phone chargers and maybe a C.C. Machine but it works all weekend and does an amazing job. I tried to add in an additional laptop the other Sunday and it worked great for the last day of the show. If you use it like I do, you might have to take it back to the hotel and recharge it each nite but that is still cheaper than paying $150.00 / Weekend to any convention hall at a Trade Show. I have also been dealt with a case of bad batteries from Autozone and I have gone thru 4 truck batteries in two years and have been stranded in some areas no one would want to be stranded in and if not for this jump box, I would have to have paid an arm & leg for a wrecker to come out each time to help me. Several of these times, I was out of state and from my own personal experiences when companies find out you are an out of towner, they will take advantage of you as was the case last year when I was charged $200 to tow my Tahoe 7 miles and $200 to also tow my cargo trailer the same time on the same truck the same distance to a hotel while out of state (West Monroe, Louisiana) also using my own trailer ball ball because they didn't have one to fit their own wrecker. I will say it was not the wrecker drivers fault, but the company he worked for over charging me after I called 5 other companies who all refused to take Geico Insurance.

Anyway, I am getting off topic, The battery Box is a life saver and the one I choose is a Schumacher SJ1332 -Delivers 1200 Peak Amps to jump start your vehicle -Features (2) 120V AC outlets and (1) USB port to power your devices Includes 150PSI air compressor with pressure gauge, nozzles and storage area - 2 (Cigarette Lighter Port Adaptor Power Plugs) and with adapters you can also turn these into USB ports. -Digital display monitors charge level of internal battery and voltage of vehicle battery -Works with V8 engines -High/Low inflator/deflator ─ for inflatable mattresses, pool rafts and beach balls -Heavy Gauge Battery Clamps -On Board Light - Digital Display - Built in Safety where you cannot over charge unit. Green Light on back of unit will light up when unit is in charge mode and when full, light will go out. You Cannot Over Charge this unit!

* Strong enough to power our computer for hours on our road trips in the vehicle or while at our trade shows all while having our phones connected. * Strong Enough to jump off most Diesel Trucks; I'll be honest I never tried any tractors. I have several of these units and I love them. One, in each vehicle I own and when we travel with the trailer, I throw one in the trailer as a backup. I have seem my co-workers plug these into their trailer lights and power their trailer interior light and thinking about it, with the portability, this would make a great addition to any camping trip for the mountains or river weekend trips or if you are in the South you have to think of TailGating for SEC Football games. This unit has truly been something I never thought about until I got one and now I will never travel without it and I cannot recommend it more to anyone who travels. I have never used the air compressor as I have another unit for that purpose that I purchased first but this appears to be a good unit for any small vehicle / trailer tire; I have mixed reviews about how it would do on a large truck tire. (See my earlier article on the air compression)

Schumacher has a line of great products and while this may be too big / heavy for you, they do make smaller units that you may like. Great Name and Great Warranty! Needless to say, if you do not like Schumacher please look into getting a large amp battery jump box. Get one with A/C plugs, USB and also 12V outlets. I think this having all three with the inverter was a bonus for my needs and also the built in air compressor was a huge plus for anyone. I am not a fan of the on-board light but I can see how it could come in handy, I normally have other means of lighting on-hand at most emergencies, but this also shows their thought process into building this all encompassing unit. Thank you for reading our blog and checking out our YouTube Channel and giving us a Thumbs Up on all our articles and videos. This helps build our audience. Don't forget to check out our Facebook & Instagram page. Remember to check out our store front thru our main website as this helps pay for our page and allows us to continue to bring you great stories and ites thru our business and trade shows.

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