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SOS Survival Products, My Experience

First, allow me to state, this is my experience with this company as we feel we were misled into thinking SOS Survival Products is the same company as SOS Food Labs and this is not the case. SOS Food Labs is the maker of the Food bars we are going to talk about in this article and the SOS Survival Products is a retail store located in Van Nuys, California specializing in products for natural disasters that also sells SOS Food branded products.

In December of 2019, we tried to place an order via SOS Survival Products whom we thought was the maker of the SOS Food bars. After the website would not process our order we called the company to have our order processed thru the phone contact and a week later we received our order missing one of the items. After several attempts to correct this mistake and even after talking to whom we now know is the owner of the company, as of the second week of January, we still did not have the missing product!

By the third week of January 2020 and numerous emails and calls, we received an email from Jeff Edelstein whom we now know is the owner of SOS Survival Products informing us he wants to make it right and help us with our order, but he was concerned in that we had to pay $3.95 for the missing product; Really? Because his company messed upon the order, he is now concerned one month later and I now have to pay a whopping $3.95 because his employee screwed up on the order and then he put me off for a month in making it right??? I will say, SOS Survival products does have a published catalog with some great items for your Natural Disaster Preparedness / Prepper needs but their customer service is far from fair and speedy & Accurate! Now do not get me wrong, I do have a sour taste in my mouth about my experience about them and I have my doubts at this time if I will shop with them again simply because I gave them more than one chance and both items they cannot get things correct. First, How difficult is it to forward an email with my invoice like you promised? 1. My first order: Missing Product, 2. I never got an invoice from the original order via email as promised, 3. secord order took longer than needed, 4. never got invoice from that order via email either and had to write company numerous times. How difficult is it to full fill an order correct in a timely manner? If you do decide to order from SOS Survival products, I would highly suggest double checking your order upon its arrival.

Needless to say this article was not intended to bash or harm SOS Food Labs in any way it was to talk about the food product and the quality of the food bars itself. With regards to the SOS Food Labs Products I can speak on our experience on the 2400 Kcal Cinnamon Emergency Food Rations and the 2400 Kcal Original Food Bar, look for our next article coming out soon.

If you have had experince with this company or any other retailers of Food Bars semilar to this, let us know and leave your comments below as we would like to hear them. Stay tuned for more articles coming soon from EveryDay Preppers USA.

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