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2020 Bring News Changes For EDP

First, allow me to share EveryDay Preppers USA has already started off the 2020 calendar year on an amazing high note with the addition of new product line we will be offering by MTM Case Gard. We added several new products by MTM last year with the release of the new items they released at Shot Show in 2019 and things grew from there and we started building our MTM base.

At Shot Show 2019 MTM Release the first ever 5 Can Tray as featured here and in late 2019 they started to allow the dealers to order the mini cans as a stand alone purchase which buyers found to be a perfect stand alone purchase for a day at the range or someone that didn't want to purchase the entire tray. The tray is still the better way to go if you can as you will find a way to fill I guarantee but for those starting off, this is a great beginner can to get your foot in the door or just to keep a small can in the truck with you all the time as this will fit behind most any truck seat.

With the addition of the Mini Ammo Cans individuals were given that extra advantage like they were in the 30 Cal & 50 Cal of being able to have the can being offered as a tray set or to be able to purchase individually.

Shortly after that we brought on board the what we call the half can; also known as the ACR4-18 ammo crate, which is about 2/3rd's the size of the small open ammo crate AC5-72. This crate has been on the market for some time and many have forgotten about it since the release of the AC5-72 since it is much larger. I think the ACR4 is a great smaller can that can be still used for many different things and remember people are also using these outside of the ammo world for other things; tools, gloves, hearing protection, emergency kits, etc.

2nd we will be revisiting some states we have not been too since 2018 and early 2019 as well as some never before visited locations in Georgia, Tennessee and possibly Florida in 2020 and we may not go back to other states we have been known to go to regularly in 2019. We are not releasing those cities at this time as we are not 100% sure yet whether or not we will go to those cities based on availabilities of shows throughout the year. For some reason the Gun & Knife show calendar this year is sparse and it appears shows are on top of one another this year like they were several years ago instead of spreading shows out to help vendors. We are doing our own company expansion mainly to expand the EveryDay Preppers USA name & brand and to showcase the brands we offer as we offer some great names in the industry and in some locations we are the only company that offer these brands and this does make a difference!

Last year while at an East Alabama show we were asked to do several shows we had never done before has been weighing on our minds ever since. The time finally came and we gave it serious consideration and on February 22nd will be trekking to Columbus, Georgia to attend and be vendors for this show at the Ironworks Convention & Trade Center.

This beautiful building is painstakingly restored to its Civil War splendor, the Iron Works is a unique situated on the banks of the Chattahoochee River, the Trade Center is a local landmark of the downtown area and is located conveniently to first-class sleeping accommodations, restaurants and entertainment facilities.

Next, we are attempting to head back to Tennessee again for another show this time in the Knoxville area for the highly anticipated and successful event at the Knoxville Event Center if things work out like we want. This center will host a 500 table Gun & Knife show.

RK Shows found the perfect fit for their gun & knife shows as the Knoxville Event center has some great amenities i.e.:

  • Quick access from Interstates 75/640 with less traffic snarls

  • EZ load-in at four bay doors that are 12 ft wide and 16 ft high

  • Access through covered loading dock

  • 80,000 square feet of exhibit space

  • 12,900 sq ft banquet facility – also used as meeting space with breakout rooms

  • 2,000 sq ft. commercial kitchen

  • Free adjacent parking with no steps to climb

  • Flexible, cooperative, and efficient coordination of your event

We have some other great shows this Spring on the schedule we are looking forward too that include the return of the highly anticipated 700 table show for Alabama Gun Collectors Association in March and East Alabama Gun Collectors in April plus a ton of other shows in between. There is some return trips to Georgia scheduled if this first one turns out productive. This is just two of many new locations we hope to attend in 2020, so hang in there with us and follow along on our journey as 2020 is going to be a very exciting year for EveryDay Preppers USA.

Stay tuned for more exciting news as 2020 progress.

(Update 02/27/2020): We are sorry to report we will not be able to attend the Knoxville show, something came up beyond our control and we just will not be able to attend the show like we had hoped; our next mobile store event will be the Dothan, Alabama Event for Collectors & Shooters Company on March 7th. Remember to stay up to date by subscribing to our website and also following our Event Calendar showcasing our Mobile Store Events.

Thank You for supporting EveryDay Preppers USA

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