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Would you give up your privacy to save money on car insurance? Rossen Report Does A Great Article

I have been telling folks that major insurance companies like State Farm, Progressive, All State have alternative motives behind their Drive Wize / Drive Smart App and Jeff Rossen just did an incredible article proven it once and for all.

Major Insurance companies have been outed and have had a light shined on them proving they can share and even sell your personal driving habits and date to third parties. Think about it folks: Where you go in real time each day, where you drop off your children, where your children hang out, where you go on the weekends, where you dine during the week. when you are home and not home. If this is not a major violation of your personal liberties and personal security I do not know what is. Jeff and his associates read from the contract you all sign when you sign up for these programs; obviously not reading the small print that you give away your rights to allow law enforcement the right to know where you are in real time, you give away your right and allow the insurance companies to sell and sometimes give away your data and real time information to third parties. This is not me making this up but what correspondent Jeff Rossen is reading from your contracts!!!

Did you know how much of your personal liberties you are giving up? Who are these third parties and what are they doing with your personal information? Maybe you need to contact your auto insurance companies if you are part of one of these programs and ask your agent. I guarantee you, your agent has no clue and cannot or will not answer who the third parties are and what they are doing with that information? Will your agent give you those third parties contact information? No, why not? Isn't it your information they are sharing and don't you have the right to know what your information is being used for?

Doesn't this say alot about the insurance company your are with???

Remember this has nothing to do with me, this was a great report that Investigative reporter Jeff Rossen did on our countries major Insurance companies have done on the scam major insurance companies have portrayed on the USA customer on Drive Wize / Drive Smart App. I guess State Farm it is called Drive Smart for a reason; it is smart enough to collect your real time personal data and we are not aware of the dangers they have put us under. Wake Up America! Watch the complete Video Report by clicking on the Here or the image above. Thank you again for reading all our articles and checking out our EveryDay Preppers USA Website as this helps pay for our companies continued support to bring you content.

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