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Black Beard Fire Starter - An Amazing Product You Will Want To Try

Black Beard Fire Rope, Fire Starter

I have been honored to try this all new product and from the first spark this is an amazing product. They state it will light up with ease and there is no question about that.

Fire Rope appears to be just under ¾ in diameter and about 5 ½ inches in length. Rope does not have any smell of chemical and is very pliable and soft to the touch. Whatever Black Beard has done too this rope works amazingly well and burns slow and steady. Does not seem to but off any black smoke residue that I saw but I was burning outside and I did follow all safety protocols for burning in an open / outdoor area. Black Bears product is both Water & Wind Proof and hand crafted locally in the USA. In an emergency situation whether out in the woods or in a natural disaster situation staying warm in vital to your survival. Being able to build a fire is key to any situation for warmth, cooking or warning off predators. I believe having several forms of fire starting is key and this is a great tool to have in your Survival Kits / Fire Kits / Go Bags when ever you travel. When I travel, always have a fire kits in my go bag as well as in my vehicle and they all have some of the same things and even some different things too. Now, getting back to Black Beard, I tested the product in a few different ways:

Test One: On top of my 55 Gallon burn barrel I cut off a little sliver of the product, peeled off the plastic and ruffles up the fire rope and placed it on the lid and hit it with my ferro rod and my Speed Sharp as a striker and with one spark it lite up with no problem. There was a slight wind and you can see it in the video as the flame blows back and forth but it never affected to burning of the product. I allowed it to burn until completely out. I was actually surprised at the length of time it to on the first burn. I did not time it via stop watch but you can time it via video and you can tell it burned a good length of time which if you cannot get a fire burning in that amount of time, you really should not be trying to get a fire started.

Test Two: I took it over to a little water runoff are we are working on our property and first cut some of the product off and then saturated the product in the water and hit it with the spark from the ferro rod, again no problem; it lite right up. Test Three: While still burning in the same area, I took the Black Beard rope and ran it thru the water to get it completely wet, then cut some of the rope off on a near by rock, ruffles up the rope fibers and allowed it to touch to the burning fire and it ignited immediately without any issues. Conclusion of the Black Beard Fire Starter / Fire Rope: I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to include this in their daily Go Bags, Fire Kits and Emergency Preparedness Kits. This is truly an amazing product handmade right here in the USA and I whole heartily support them. I have not seen a product like this in years.

EveryDay Preppers would like to personally thank Black Beard Fire Starters for the Fire Starters and making such an amazing product and if you would like to get some of their product, please click on the link below. - Store

Stay tuned for our next Article & Product Review Coming Soon >>>>

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