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Life Is Too Short To Waste It On People Who Suck The Life & Happiness Out Of You

“Life is too short, or too long, for me to allow myself the luxury of living it so badly.” ― Paulo Coelho

Friends are the family we get to choose, so they are usually the first ones we turn to when we face a problem in life and the ones we want to share our happiness with.

They are our greatest supporters, and the source of love, compassion, respect, and fun. However, sometimes, our friends are more of a toxic than an enjoyable company, and such people can easily suck the happiness out of you. As you get older, you will find your friends probably change 15 times over your life span and while you had a ton of friends in school as you get old, you will find social friends, work friends, old friends and new friends and that list of so-called friends has shrunk. Think about it and you will come to the same conclusion.
Where are those so-called high school friends / your best friends for life from high school. Do you ever know where he or she is? Do you have any new friends at your place of work? Do you have out with them. You also have to be very careful too about these so called work friends, will they stab you in the back to get ahead…most will no matter what they say. Do you have friends that you may have meet thru work and while on a business trip you find out more about them and realize they are not the people you thought they were? Don’t be ashamed, most of us do have those people in our lives and while it may take a minute to learn more about them, some will really disappoint you when you realize they are not the person you thought they were. Do they get you in trouble or cause you to be late all the time or you realize they are slobs and lazy and this is just not you? According to Florence Isaacs, author of Toxic Friends/True Friends, toxic friends are demanding, unreliable, and stress you out. These friendships are unsatisfying, unsupportive, draining, and unrewarding. The below list is a great example of people you should analysis in your life and see where they fit in your life. Here are 5 types of friends you should drift away from:


Stay away from fake people, those that compliment you, but keep saying bad things behind your back. These people are never there when you need them, and appear only when they need something from you. 2. The COMPLAINER

It is harmless if your friend likes to vent once in a while, but chronic complainers bring constant negative energy into your life that can kill you. Complainers are never satisfied with their life, claiming everything bad happens to them only. They are highly toxic and their world of misery can easily absorb you if you are not careful.


Doubters are jealous of you, always criticize you, and love to see you fail. In this way, they feel powerful and strong.


These people are annoying, as they use every chance they get to brag about their perfect job, perfect partners, and perfect life, hinting that you are nowhere close to them.


These people are constantly negative, never support you, and do not believe in you. They belittle your goals, destroy your hopes, and discourage your ideas. These people are reservoirs of negative aura, and never support anything you truly love.

Charles Figley Ph.D., professor, and director of the Psychological Stress Research Program at Florida State University says:

Breaking up with anyone, whether it’s a spouse, love relationship, or a friend is not fun. It’s even more important in this kind of context. In contrast to a love relationship in which you recognize you aren’t compatible, this type of relationship is hurting you.”

Make sure you are always surrounded by the right people, the ones that do not kill your vibe. Friends should be the ones that make you happy and satisfied in life, not the ones that drain your energy and leave you feeling empty, and disappointed.

Julie Ward, a Toronto-based relationship coach explains that we attract the type of people who we share common behaviors with, and they mirror our stage of development.

Therefore, she advises:

“We teach people how to treat us. The people who come into our lives are just mirroring where we are in our own growth as individuals. It’s like magnets. We’re attracting them to us. To change that magnetism, we need to change who we are being.”

Now, how many people have you already identified as one of these categories? I can probable name a ½ dozen right off in my life. Remember they do not have to be close friends but people you interact with on a daily or weekend basis. Now think about this going forward in life, Do I Really Want To Be Associated With This Type Person? An old business associate once told me people will judge you based on who you hang around with?

I thought he was crazy when he said this but years later, I realized he was right!

This also can apply to who you decide to work with or did business with, is it really worth people knowing you work for such a jerk or horrible company. I personally do not want my name and reputation associated with certain people anymore and I have decided what is best for my life and my family’s life to make major changes in my life for the betterment of my health and happiness!

Exerts from: Healthy Food House / hfhadmin

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