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Fort Payne Now Cancelled Per VFW To A.G. Gun Shows

It's Official:

In an email sent to EveryDay Preppers by Anthony Giordano, owner of A.G. Gun Shows he stated he was contacted by the VFW, the owners of the Dekalb County Fairgrounds that he will not be able to host his April 4th & 5th Gun Show in Fort Payne, Alabama. In accordance with the Alabama State Health Departments mandate of not hosting events over 25 people, this would include the Gun & Knife Show scheduled for April 4th in Fort Payne. So, while we are hopefully this will change for all Trade Shows in Alabama in the coming weeks much less the South as a whole, A.G. Gun Shows is a victim of the most recent show to get shut down by the State of Alabama Health Department and The Governor of Alabama. Giodano did not specify if he was going to reschedule this show or just take it off his scheduled list of shows for the 2020 year. He stated he would let us know more soon. Meanwhile, over 100+ Trade Show vendors are out of work in Alabama much less close too 500+ throughout the South for another week. One Positive Note: We have received notification that the Alabama State Governor has set a target date for all Public Schools to return to normal operation by April 6th. If this happens they have set a president and they will have to allow trade shows & large gathering to return. The President of the United States said in a recent press conference that he wants America back working by Easter. Stay tuned to EveryDay Preppers USA for more news and updates throughout this process of america being shut down due to a virus that invaded the USA and basically crippled America ina matter of a few weeks.

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