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Opelika Show, Newest To Get Shutdown By Governor Ivey Of Alabama

In a email received Friday, Opelika's - East Alabama Gun & Hunting Show at the Village Event Center is the newest victim to be affected by Alabama Governor's shutdown due to Coronavirus. Governor ordered all non essential business to be closed in Alabama this week and all large gathering to be suspended until April 17th, 2020. While this doesn't really affect the show on the 18th, this does not give proper advance notice and allow the promoter the opportunity to do paid advertising for his show on the 18th not knowing if he order will be extended as the last one was. Her previous order was set to expire April 6th and now she has prematurely extended it to April 18th. President of the United States is hopeful and wants America back to work by Easter Weekend, which is one week before her new date. If he allows America to return to work, Alabama Governor will have no choice than to change her date but by them it will be too late for East Alabama's Show and the other shows throughout Alabama. Here is a exert from his letter to the vendors for the east Alabama Show "Vendors, I am sorry to relay this news, but our Gun & Hunting Show scheduled for April 18 & 19 is cancelled. Due to the recent bill passed by Governor Kay Ivey concerning the ongoing Coronavirus crisis, all non-essential businesses are required to be closed until April 17, eating into our show setup times.

We believe it prudent to push our show date back into May with tentative dates of 30 & 31 with setup on the 29th. If this conflicts with any of your preset schedules, please let me know. For those of you who have already purchased tables for the April show, if you wish to retain your spots for May, you won't need to do anything. If, however, you wish for a full refund of your reservation, please contact me on a separate email thread @ Again, I am very sorry for this inconvenience, as we were looking forward to a great show with you all! Hopefully, we will see you in May! Stay safe out there. Craig McCullough Village Event Center " While, we here at EveryDay Preppers USA understand why McCullough did this, it is saddening to think of being forced to take off another month. Alabama Governor Ivey does not have any clue how this is affecting the over 100+ small business owners / vendors that participate in these shows and her actions may be a little premature. Especially, when there are areas in Alabama not affected by this virus and how the economic impact could affect them and also the vendors that depend on these show for their livelihood. Along with not knowing what The President of the United States will do one week before hand. It would have been more prudent to follow his guidance and have the same deadline are the Commander and Chief of the United States rather make an executive order that she will undoubtedly have to resent if the President allows the work force to return throughout the United States.

We still have hope for the end of April show in Robertsdale, Alabama if restrictions are lifted. That show would be hosted by CASC - Collectors and Shooter which already was previously forced to cancel their show in March.

Other promoters in Georgia, Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana have also been forced to cancel their shows as a result of either their States Governor or the US Presidents orders to level the curve of the virus. This is going to have a major economic impact on America for years to come and small business , just may not survive. Stay tuned for more news coming to you about shows in Alabama and the South.

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