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America Shut Down Until April 30

In a never before seen event the President of the United States has shut down America for the second time in recent weeks as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak. This is the first time in American History that a sitting President has shut down America in such a way as a result of a virus / medical issue. While the Coronavirus / Covin 19 may have started in China, it has turned into a Global Pandemic in a matter of a few months. Many believe it stated in China initially jumped over Russia and a few other countries and went to Italy & Spain and then came to America via ships and planes where cases expanded in Washington State, New Jersey while at the same time infecting Europe and other parts of the world. While there are still many places in America not affected, any major city with a Shipping Port or Airport has seen cases of the virus spread thru their community and surrounding areas like wildfire. As of March 28, 2020 the World Health Organization reported: 638,146 confirmed cases of Covin -19, 30,039 Deaths, 203 countries and territories. The United States has 103,321 Reported Cases, 1,668 Deaths throughout the USA. Dr. Anthony Fauc, health advisor to The President advised him this week that his hopes and dreams of filling churches by Easter just will not happen as America has yet to see signs of peaking as death tolls still rise according to report. As of the time of this report, it has killed around 2,400 people in the USA and Fauc says it should peak in about two weeks. Trump said this weeknd that if we can keep the deaths to 100,000 -200,000 this would great. The US has more confirmed case in the world as of March 29th at 139,000 reported cases, but many believe to the lack of education of testing sights this number could be more.

In Alabama, which just now started testing; three months into this pandemic, the town of Tuscaloosa started testing people two weeks ago and out of the first 1,200 test, 500 were bad test due to supposedly improper storage and transport. This begs the questions: (1) Who is running these testing sites and why were they not properly trained on all measures of this? If you want locals to go get tested, you have to be competent enough to get the test right. (2) How many testing sites in the USA as a whole are just like that of the Tuscaloosa Site? This means the numbers reported cannot be accurate and thus the models Fauc and The President are going by are incorrect. We could have actually peaked weeks ago and their inaccuracy in the data could be misleading everyone, especially the President and his advisors. Reports by media have stated all last week and data reported is 100% inaccurate and does not match up. In West Alabama, the town mentioned earlier decided on it’s own to start a 24/7 curfew which has infuriated many of the town people. While many agree a Stay At Home Order should have been put in place now instead of later, the other side believes the 24/7 curfew is violating our Constitutional Rights and to be honest, any town’s Mayor that does this is violating the law; this also applies to the President of the US too. While I understand the nature of it, it directly violates our Rights as Americans! Other larger cities in Alabama; much larger than Tuscaloosa i.e. Birmingham, Mobile & Huntsville have yet to enacted a 24/7 curfew but have instead choice to put in place a 10pm to 5am curfew, which to us seems more reasonable to ask of its residents. Sunday, March 29, 2020 The President of The United States stated in a press conference that instead of opening America back up and allowing people off the Social Distancing mandate as he had hoped to end the Friday before Easter, he feels he has to instead extended the deadline to April 30th. This has caused such traumatic pressure on America and its work force as a whole due to something like this and also constantly changing the deadline to return America to a working status, we will see the fall out of this for years to come and some families and business will not make it thru this crisis. What he is doing, as is the local Mayors are doing is giving the people a false sense of hope and then ripping it out from underneath them. While I do believe Trump and local Mayors are violating the law & our rights, I also believe they think it is for our best interest, but the fact is they have a major flaw in their system of testing & reporting and it will undoubtedly cause many Americans to loss everything and the economic fallout from this will be seen for years to come. While the President feels America can rebound, many just will not have the capabilities to do so. This has devastated the middle and lower classes and I am sure it has not affected the wealthy upper class and maybe whoever designed this virus planned it that way. If proper action would have taken place earlier and then testing would take place nationwide now this can stop! How to do this without violating our Rights, I cannot say! You will see case & death number rise due to inaccurate testing and improper reporting and if the national & local news would focus on certain positive things rather than fear mongering the masses, Maybe Just Maybe Americans would do what they are instructed and social distance. In the meantime, Americans are left to their devices and left to wonder about their fate as I do and what the future holds for a small, family business just trying to survive! Added Note: With regards to local trade shows, you will see more shows throughout the country cancel due to this new development from The President. You will especially see those we attend cancel their shows this next two weeks. This will cause thousands of American workers to be out of work and most are small, family owned business like EDP and you will see some collapse and never return as the Presidents so-called stimulus package will not help our industry and we will be forced to exhaust our life savings, what little many may have. If this continues for months, as rumored, you will see a total collapse of America as we know it and you know who will be held responsible in the eyes of the nation.

Alabama's COVID-19 Data and Surveillance Dashboard Stay tuned as more information comes, we will try to share it. EveryDay Preppers

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