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Southern Trade Shows Continue To Be Affected By Covin-19

While many Americans were excited for the opportunity to go back too work, The President of The United States has once again added more time to Americas Shut Down and the Social Distancing guidelines. US President Trump hoped to bring America back to work by Easter weekend but instead he choose to listen to an uninformed health advisor with inaccurate health statistics and shut down America until April 30th which caused promoters in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana to cancel shows that would have brought in 100's of vendors back to work and showcasing products to 3000-4000 people on average for those weekends. Alexandria Gun and Knife Show is the latest to cancel their show scheduled for April 25 and 26 2020 as it is now has been rescheduled for May 30 and 31st.

Many in the industry feel this too will change and the powers that be will extend this into June before it is over causing more hardship and pain amongst the the people in the trade show industry.

It is assumed that the Mississippi, Batesville Show will also be cancelled on April 18th & 19th but we have not heard from promoter at the time of this report. Check with promoters in your area for verification on shows the end of April and into May.

Stay safe and pray we all get to go back to work soon.

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