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HydroBlu & Portable Water Filters

As I have stated before, I am a huge fan of water filters for what they can offer us and I am in it as part of an emergency kit for your home & auto and over all portable uses for it especially in a time we are under with the Covid-19 Virus. When I was working the Mid-West floods of Missouri in 92-93, I would have loved to have had a water filter as everyone out in the entire state had to boil water to drink and bath was using bottle water when we could get it because all the water sources were contaminated everywhere! I never drank so many sdas in all my life and this was way before I ever saw or heard of portable water filters. This would have been an amazing tool for us and our traveling team during this time. Just last year while in Greenville, Mississippi we went their for a trade show and the water was the worst I have tasted in years. The Shower water actually smelled and it did not appear the hotel ran any type water filters. The bathroom sink water tasted bad and smelled and from that first taste I drank bottle water from them on. This was before I had the MUV Nomad and no I do not travel with it. According to locals, the water is safe to drink and shower and meets the minimum standards set by the State; WTH! That doesn't mean anythign to me and I was sick all weekend. Just because the locals are used too it doesn't mean outsiders are and from that point on I started traveling with some type of water filter. I have a MUV Nomad, Renovo MUV Survivalist Water Filter and the Survivor Water Filter and fixing to have a set of VersaFlow portable water filters for my and who ever is with me. Several years back I checked into a company called Renovo who build a great portable hollow fiber water filter and soon after abandon the project and / or sold it off to what we believe is now the Survivor Water Filter. I was shocked to say the least at it had incredible reviews and seemed to be a great seller.

Renovo soon afterwards came out with one of the best water filters I have ever seen and that is the MUV System offered in different configurations from the Adaptable portable water filter to the Gravity System to the Back Country Pump System; all portable for Hikers & Campers.

This stayed on the market for a while and I just found out sometime in Fall / Winter 2019 they sold or were merged with HydroBlu and became part of their family of portable water filters.

HydroBlu offers a water container system which is a pressurized, plastic Jerry Can with a built in filter for Campers, RV'ers or weekend get away people as well as the Renovo MUV entire product line as part of their elite line sold as a complete kit of individual components.

They also have the VersaFlow which is similar in nature to the Sawyer Mini but is larger in diameter and has a 10 time better flow rate and most feel it is a better quality filter all around for the same price point as the Sawyer. With Sawyer having a bunch of negative reviews presently with the Mini & Squeeze line and if you have ever owned a Sawyer, I would highly recommend people check out HydroBlu VersaFlow and you will be pleasantly surprised at the difference.

HydroBlu also can out with a Mini Straw type water filter that is a three stage water filer all int he size of a Sharpie Pen and something you can actually put in your front pocket. How cool is this for under $15.00. HydroBlu also has a water bottle called the clear flow just like the MUV Nomad water bottle. So you can, HydroBlu has done an amazing job putting everyone under one roof for a great selection of water filter opportunities.

Check out all the other products offered thru HydroBlu and make sure you check out our other articles about their product line. We have even more articles coming out soon on several of these filters. Stay Tuned!

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