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Quick Fire, Fire Starter

I have seen these for years and have never tried it until recently and found it too be an amazing product. Genuine QuickFire is a non toxic, environmentally friendly, does not create a black flame, waterproof and has a burn time per packet upwards of 10 per pack. It is perfect for Camp Fires, Fire Places, Charcoal Grills & Wood Burning stoves. The Camping, Survival & Prepper Community will love the small packets that can be stores away in your Fire Kits, Go Bags and even small enough for your Altoid Tin Kits. This would also be great for your First Aid Kits to use for sterilizing items you might need in your First Aid Kits. QuickFire's proprietary formula makes starting a fire in even the most severe weather such as rain, snow or high winds easy. We have personally witnessed it burn in all types of weather. Have you ever tried t light wet wood, using QuickFire with it's 1000 Degree burning, it actually dries out the wood allowing it to start up and burn. QuickFire comes with a 30 Year Shelf Life, which pretty good for any fire starter. This is going in our fire kits today and we will also be added to all our vehicle kits as well. Remember when testing any fire product to follow all fire marshall laws and do not ever burn indoors unless in a fire place with vents open.

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