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Two Promoter In The South Reach Out

In an industry that has been affected more than people realize,1000’s of Small Business and Independent Contractors have been affected by each State's shut down of Trade Shows putting 1000's out of work for months. Some have even expressed this is it for them and they will not come back when this is over. EveryDay Preppers normally does between 47/49 trade shows a year within a six state area (Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Louisiana, Georgia and Tennessee) and we have all but been shut down completely from doing shows since late March. All of our Southern states have shut down shows due the worldwide fear over the Coronavirus / Covid-19. States have enacted Social Distancing guidelines and most states have issued non-essential business to close while others have issued Stay At Home Orders. While Covid-19 is a worldwide epidemic, the USA was not prepared nor did it properly educate it citizens for what was to come and we have all been affected one way or another. Many feel this virus isn't real and refuse to listen to State officials while other like us, have done our part as best we can and stayed home. Two promoters have reached out to their vendors and offer a lifeline in that they are willing to post information on their social media pages so that people are aware that some of us are still in business and trying to work from our home offices and we are still doing mail outs when orders come in. Shawn Bean of Great Southern Gun & Knife and now Victor Bean of North Florida Gun & Knife have reached out to us and other vendors to have us submit and share information about what we sell and still offer people in their shows community. While most do not have a website, some do including us and we are honored to have The Bean Family: Shawn and Victor reach out too us to offer to post information about our company on their companies sites. They are the first to offer their suffering vendors. We are hoping other show vendors step up and also offer the vendors a lifeline to help. Some vendors in our industry do not have store fronts, websites or social media pages and do this as sideline job or retirement while other like myself and many others we know do this as a career. You cannot do 49 shows a year and still have a fulltime job or store front to keep up with. I personally have yet to meet a vendor that does as many shows as EveryDay Preppers! Saying this we are not the only vendors hurting during the time of Covid-19 but like said, we are honored to have “any” promoter reach out too us to offer to help us during our time of need. Many will not be able to make it thru these tough time and we pray we will be able to hang in there ourselves. You will definitely see this affect the Trade Show World as well as regular retail store fronts. In the area I live, some have already announced permanent closing. While Gun sales have skyrocketed, those without a storefront have no way to sell their guns as city & county Social Distancing rules, Curfews and Stay At Home Orders have prevented many from leaving their homes to do business. We live in an area that has yet to outlaw it thru curfews and we are still willing to meet people as long as they abide by the 6 foot rule in that they stay 6 feet away from one another at all times. We are also practicing No Contact Drop Off Serves in our area as well as we are now offering reduced shipping fees on many items when you buy more than one item. Added Note: Promoters need to also keep in mind, many of us have been living on our saving and promoters need to be willing to work with their trade show vendors and if that means reducing the cost of tables, they may have to do this to get their vendors back, especially those on the verge of shutting down and cancelling all events they planned on doing in 2020.

We just wanted to shine a lite on all the promoters that are willing to help their vendors and encourage other promoters to step up to help save their companies by offering to also help their vendor families in some way "right now", not later. Thank you again for tuning into EveryDay Preppers USA and remember to check back several times a week as we have increased our Blog presence and are also working on new videos thru YouTube as well.

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