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Big Pop Cancels Batesville

In a notification we received today from Gun Show Trader, Big Pop Gun Shows which is one of the promoters EveryDay Preppers is known to work with has cancelled their brand new show in Batesville, MS scheduled for April 18th due to Coronavirus Covid -19 outbreak. Mississippi has been hit hard by the virus and it has shut down shows all over the state as it has Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia and Florida, whom we also visit. This outbreak has affected the entire United States and has putting thousands of vendors and private small business out of work. Some business' to the point of bankruptcy. Big Pop had already been forced to cancel the Laurel, MS show back in March 21st-22nd. We were wondering about the Spring Pascagoula but it is already taken off the posted gun trader show schedule. To see a full list of current booked shows for Big Pop Click Here. Just the weekend of April 18th, sixty- eight shows have been cancelled as of the date of this article just for this one weekend alone throughout the US. To also put it into perspective, 15 more shows lost hope and have already canceled for the first weekend in May 2020 with more possibly cancelling too. Batesville was one of three new shows Big Pop had hoped to unveil in 2020 / 2021. The Batesville Civic Center which is a true multipurpose facility known for events like: 4H, Rodeo, Monster Truck, Banquets, Concerts, Car Shows and of course Trade Shows have lost a lot with all their other shows also being forced to close. Batesville is a 45,000 square foot main floor with full service parking for RV’s is just another venue being hit hard by the economic hardship of this nationwide event. Located between Jackson, MS and Memphis, which is an ideal location considering many have been complaining for years that there are too many shows in Jackson, Mississippi between three promoters working out of the area doing shows in Jackson plus the other expos and events happening in Jackson throughout the year making Batesville an idea area. It is a shame, Covid -19 has once again struck the Trade Show World so hard. Big Pop does have Batesville scheduled for the Fall (October 10th & 11th) and we pray that America is back open by Summer and not have to wait until Fall.

Stay tuned for more from EveryDay Preppers USA and remember to check the link for Big Pop to see what shows he has on his website schedule.

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