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Gov. Kay Ivey discusses plans to reopen Alabama economy

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey said in yesterday’s presser that she has been working for several weeks now on plans to reopen Alabama even if the President does not. In the Presidents last several pressers he has vague guidelines for America and just will not say what his overall plans are for reopening America, but the simple fact is he shutdown America until April 30th. Needless to say, Small business all over the United States are closing as a result of his actions and those of Alabama Governors actions and the reopening of our economy could not come soon enough! In recent press events Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox talks about how unlike other cities in Alabama, Tuscaloosa is dependent on revenue from business, taxes and the University of Alabama to support the city.

Unlike his predictors, Maddox depends too much on the UA and should be finding ways to run the city that do not depend on UA money or small business revenue (taxes) alone. Ivey said April 14, 2020 that she has plans in the works right now to open Alabama Business in stages. It will be a slow process, but Alabama will be reopened. Ivey said that she also spoke to the State Congressional delegation about bringing together a plan for each district in the state.

“All seven immediately jumped on board,” Ivey said. “Grove Hill is not Gadsden and Decatur is not Dothan. There are very many geographical and economic differences.”

Those congressional delegates are expected to bring their individual plans by April 22, and Ivey also said that her own Coronavirus Task Force will also be putting together it’s own plan on opening up the economy again.

“I’m getting a lot of advice on what we could should or must do to get our economy going again,” Ivey said. “My staff and I are taking every suggestion serious and are looking at each one. On or before April 28, (State Health Official) Dr. (Scott) Harris and I will review all of these recommendations before the April 30 end to the ‘stay-at-home’ order.”

When pushed by the media, she said she could open Alabama before the April 30th deadline.

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Gov. Kay Ivey discusses potential plans to reopen Alabama economy

Since we primarily attend shows in the south, it is important to share news about who is opening up first. Stay tuned for more News & Information.

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