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Alabama's Robertsdale Show Get's Cancelled

In an email from Promoter of Collectors And Shooters Company (CASC), they have formally cancelled the April 28th show for the Robertsdale area to comply with the Presidents of United States plus Governor of Alabama to close all business until April 30th; CASC was forced to go ahead and cancel the show sicne it is unknown what the future holds after April 30th. Rumors are that Alabama could be opened beffore the 30th under strict guidelines but The President has yet to make a public statement. In a press conference this week, Alabama Governor Ivey stated she has been working for several weeks to reopen Alabama in stages with the guideance of her Coronavirus task force and Alabama Department of Public Health. While this could not come quick enough, we are not mislead in thinking she will not allow large gathering like a Trade Show to happen first. 100's of vendors have been out of work since March in Alabama and some even closed their businesses due to not being able to make it these past weeks. 1000's Nationwide are in the same boat as Alabama vendors and reopening America is on the Presidents mind but I assure you he could not do it quick enough.

Gun Show Trader, nationwide event page stated to EveryDay Preppers 75% of the trade shows were cancelled in March. Almost all shows across the United States have been cancelled for april except for 1-2 and hopes are that shows will begin again in May. While some naysayers to reopen are in fear this will promote a second wave of the virus spreading, all in our industry cannot sit idly by and go on any longer as this is an economic hardship we just cannot handle any more. People are losing their livelihoods here. Ivey stated she hoped to open before or by the 30th but many do not know how this is possible. CASC was forced to close the 28th show but told us they still has plans and hopes the Hoover show May 2nd will still go on. The bottom line is: They have not cancelled it at this time. With 620 out of 6339 positive cases of Covid in Jefferson County it is unknown if the County will allow CASC show no mater what the Promoter and vendors would like. We have reached out to find out how many cases are positive in the City of Hoover, no one seems to have those answers are willing to share them as Alabama Department of Public Health is only sharing County guidelines at this time. Needless to say, another promoter Great Southern told EveryDay Preppers his show is still scheduled for May 16th in Birmingham at the BJCC and East Alabama Gun & Hunting told us while he was forced to close the April show, he only postponed it until May 30th for the Opelika community. The next show will not be until June and many vendors just will not be able to make it that long. This would mean many of us have not been working for 2 1/2 to 3 months and the economic impact on this would be something man cannot come back from. CASC promised to let us know if anything changes so stay tuned to EveryDay Preppers.

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