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America Suffers From Economic Health Issues

Economic Health and how it is affecting America.

People today are worried about the future for not only America but more importantly themselves. I recently heard Alabama Governor Kay Ivey refer to the current issue facing business in Alabama as an Economic Health issue and she feels for business suffering in Alabama and wants to get back to Opening Up Alabama. Her issue is she is not willing to put her neck on the line and make a decision and keeps asking for Alabamians' patience while she asks for things that she will never get. In the April 21st Press Conference she stated she is working with her Covid Task Force and asking for more testing to insure we do not relapse. She states we have to have 14 days of lowering test scores. The problem this is how do you get lower test scores while at the same time ask for more test to be performed when the one of the largest hospitals in Alabama that takes care of 6 counties shuts down testing every weekday at 2pm and does not test on the weekends?

It is like having your cake and eating it too. You cannot get more tests done when there is no campaign to encourage people to get tested and then the labs close early each day and do not work on the weekends. Alabama will never get to the point she is asking for!

On another note of the economic Health. The longer we as a nation stay closed the more it affects us economically; meaning we are under a Stay At Home Order but our bills still keep rolling in. I get that none of the power & water companies will cut us off, but soon as the Governors in all our states open up their state and / or remove the stay at home order, companies like power, water and other institutions we finance thru will expect to start getting paid. I know for a fact some will expect full payments instead of partial payments. For example, your power bill could easily be $1000+ from March to May and they will expect full payment when the Stay At Home Order is lifted. Rent is still expected during this entire time and most landlords I know do not care and will still expect their money, same with water and other utilities plus credit card companies that some Americans may have been forced to now live off of will want their money. Some have offered deferments but still charge interest which is great but that interest can hurt you too. Our Economic Health is suffering and in a relationship to a school grade we would receive a “D” or “F” by the time most states will lift their Stay At Home orders.

For example, in Alabama there is no justified reason they still should be under a Stay At Home order when other states like: Texas, Florida, Georgia with higher infection rates are now open. I have read in many groups that people should have been better prepared. How is that possible when most of America works pay check to paycheck.

Many so-called preppers prepared for a different type emergency and nothing like what we have seen this year. I have a history of Natural Disaster Preparedness and there no way to have prepared for this type thing. This is a huge learning curve for most people and those that looked down on preppers in the past will find themselves being preppers going forward. What is furthermore funny to me is that those Trump haters don't have a problem cashing his Stimulus Checks and stepping up to the troff for other aid & assistance.

President Trump has stated many times if America does not start opening up we will be in a new type crisis we have never seen before. Mr. President….we are already there! Many reports state America can not recover from this and I for one don't know if my industry can recover and I am curious to see how many it affects in my area. Our Economic Health is severely suffering because we were in fact not prepared as a nation for this and government officials sitting on their hands and not paying attention to what’s going on around you. When Civil Defense was around we knew the enemy. When President Carter revamped Civil Defense after the cold war to what is now FEMA, they got sedentary thinking the only thing to think about was natural disasters and people forgot about foreign born enemy and what could never happen in America has now come to our shores and infected the entire United States in a matter of a few weeks. What has happen, should have never happened! Put FEMA back under civilian control as it was intended and take it away from the Military and their advisors and you will once again see our preparedness change for the betterment and I am sure people will respond better and you will probably get more support. Who is helping America now? Health Department that have nothing to do with the military, private companies like 3M, GM and other companies are coming to America’s help. We have a major issue going forward and it is at the hands of our current government not being prepared. They have cost America their small business and put us into the current Economic Health issues we have now and will still have for what could be years to come. We have a long road ahead of us and it will not be easy but allowing states to decide on their own who will open and who will not is not the answer. Mr. president, you wanted America open two weeks ago and open in stages and places like Alabama are sitting on their hands asking for test results that will never come because not everyone is playing the same way and not everyone is doing the right thing for the American workforce. Mayors are going behind the Governors back and doing things there way. 1/3 to 1/2 of all companies in America are Small businesses and we are suffering. Economic Health – We are Dying at the hands of local officials like Governors and local Mayors because they are not looking out for the best interest of their citizens.

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