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CASC Cancels Hoover Due To Virus

Due to the nationwide affects of the Coronavirus (AKA: Covid-19) states are just now getting back up and running. Some states i.e.: Alabama with less infection rates and death rates compared to others in the South and the mass majority of US States are taking their sweet time to open their state for business and has yet to authorize trade shows like (CASC) Collectors and Shooters Company's Gun & Knife shows in Alabama. Collectors and Shooters Company make up more shows in Alabama than any other promoter in this state and do between 20-22 shows per year bringing in approximately 75-100 vendors and their staff, family per show. Center For Disease Control publishes daily the infection rates for the US and each state publishes their own findings for their states and it appears that Alabama and Tennessee are the least affected and in theory should be the first to open their states. While several Alabama counties like Jefferson, Madison, Mobile & Baldwin seem to have the highest infection rates, this correlates to their population being higher too. Saying this, these cities infection rates have not decreased enough for their perspective cities to allow shows like the (CASC) Collectors & Shooters Company's Trade Show and be ready by May 2nd & 3rd. This is not to say these type shows are closed for ever, just that in these cities this type show will not be authorized until such time they meet the State and Federal guidelines for their show to occur in a safe manner. Some states like New York will take months to recover, some say they will not be open until after August while other states less affected are making plans to open now as is the case of Texas and Connecticut. Against President Trump & his Coronavirus Task Force advisors, Georgia is planning to open up in the first of the Southern States followed by most likely Tennessee. Alabama on the other hand has the least affected cases in the South but the Governor (Kay Ivey) seems to be too indecisive to open up her state due to pier pressure and / or fear or something else. It has nothing to do with looking out for her people as she keeps stating in her weekly press conference. During the week of April 24, Ivey stated she needed more data, more testing to be accomplished and the infection rate to go down. First, this is a double negative as an english teacher would say. You cannot have more testing to be accomplished when the Alabama Health Department is shutting down testing centers. There wasn't enough to begin with and most produced false or bad results in the first several weeks of testing. When one citizen requested a chain hospital to open up in the adjacent town, he was told it cost too much. Ivey isn't paying for it and neither is the hospital so I failed to see what the issue was other than politics and their mistakes are ruining peoples lives. On the other hand, she is demanding more testing of people but she has yet to pay for it and when people find out the test could be $1000 / test as one person came forth weeks ago on social media sharing her bill, you will not find many willing to pay that when they cannot afford food for their tables, much less many have not paid rent since February. The so-called Stimulus Checks that were to help people, many are stating they are not getting. On top of that, the Federal Government is sending out checks to dead people. Some cannot get the pre approved unemployment also promised by Trump and when people can talk to a State representative, they are told the money is not here to pay people and this was approved weeks, if not a month ago. State Officials say the money is retroactive, but what good is this when you do not have money to feed your families now??? I do not know if all states are in the same way as the state we are in but this is absurd and not the way the Federal Government and the State should be and you would think the tax dollars we pay each year, the government would be better organized and prepared for almost any emergency. Now, to get back to the topic. It is unknown when Ivey will Open Alabama, but she has 1000's in the trade show world biding their time to go back too work while she & her staff show favoritism to big box and restaurants.

What will the future hold for shows throughout the country? Only time will tell but many have already expressed they cannot wait any longer either the Federal Government, their governors and / or local Mayors with the curfews and Stay At Home Orders have killed their business to the point they do not think they can ever recover!

As of right now 31 shows have been cancelled for the May 2nd weekend throughout the United States so once again this is an economic impact for 1000's of vendors and their families.

Stay tuned for more to see who will host their show first in the South After Corona and who will be next to cancel!

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