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Alabama Reopens It’s Businesses but Not Trade Shows

In the April 28 press conference held between 11am & 12 noon, Alabama Governor Ivey released her new reopening Alabama plan called “Safer At Home Order”. This plan will be showcased below. Saying this she is still limiting medium to large gathering as well as church services which directly rules out our trade shows at least until the order expires on May 15th at 5pm.

Everyday Preppers has reached out to the Alabama Department of Health as well as Lt. Governor Ainsworth who helped put together the Safer At Home Plan to get bonafide verification of this new plan.

We personally do not anticipate either to respond or reply but if they do, we will bring you an immediate update.

In the press conference Ivey stated All Business and Retailers are authorized to open April 30th at 5pm with special conditions that include 6’ separation, not on property work gathering of more than 10 people and proper cleaning and sanitizing practices. Entertainment Venues i.e. nightclubs, theaters & bowling alleys are still ordered to be closed. Athletic Facilities and activities such as fitness centers and commercial gyms are also still closed. Close contact services such as barbers and hair salons, nail salons and tattoo parlors......still closed. Child care centers can open as long as they do not allow 12 or more children per room. Hospitals and nursing homes are to still limit visitations. Restaurants, bars and breweries are still limited to take-out and curbside or delivery only! What I find absurd is that they allow 12 children per room in a daycare with no social distancing guidelines and then expect these kids not to take the virus home to their parents while at the same time refusing to allow restaurants to open indoor dining, gyms and other gatherings.

Needless to say, nowhere did it mention trade shows or other type social gathering so we are to assume they will not allow them until at least after the deadline of this order scheduled for May 15th. Stay tuned for more as it happens and we will get the news to you asap.

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