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Big Pop Cancels Pascagoula Due To Coronavirus / Covid-19

Within 24 hours of us posting about Great Southern Gun & Knife cancelling their Alabama Show and Classic Arms cancelling their LaFayette, LA Show along with Murphy cancelling their West Monroe, LA Big POp Announced he was also cancelling his Pascagoula, MS show also due to the pandemic of the coronavirus. It is unknown at this time when the South will be able to host trade shows as Governors in each state have yet to see the economic impact on the trade show vendors, promoters and their perspective states economic impact. Not only does this affect the vendors but also local economy i.e. Restaurants & hotels. Needless to say, Big POP has no other shows after this one until October 2020, this has been a huge impact on Big POP as wella s the vendors he brings in. Stay tuned for more as it happens.

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