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East Alabama Gun & Hunting Cancels Show For The 2nd Time This Spring

In an email received from EveryDay Preppers this week, they notified us stating "our May 30 & 31 dates will not work out for the Spring/Summer show. We are again having to postpone to an "indefinite date". Our hope is that we can have something nailed down in June or July, but we are having to reschedule prior events that lost their dates in March and April, which are continually pushing back against other events, a domino effect.

I will keep each of you updated as we go forward. We are working with local health officials to determine the best course of planning so that we can expect a great crowd. I believe that the community is aching for a chance to shop your wares, and we certainly want to give it to them.

For those who have already reserved your table spaces and paid, I again extend the choice to maintain your spot for when our show reopens on a set date or request a refund, which we will be happy to oblige". This message came in May 15th after repeated email attempts to the promoter asking for clarification on their show date that was two weeks from today. We originally notified them April 24th and then again May 8th where none of our inquiries were replied too until today. first this is not the proper way to treat vendors you want to come too your show and secondly, it is going to be hard to schedule shows in June at the last minute when every other promoter throughout the South will hopefully be trying to also book shows. This is one of the shows that might not make it thru the Covid-19 Pandemic. Stay tuned and we will let you know if this show get rescheduled or if remains cancelled indefinitely as promoter indicates.

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