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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: 2020 Wildlife Extravaganza Update

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: 2020 Wildlife Extravaganza Update While I am sure it is no surprise to anyone, The Mississippi Wildlife Federation has officially cancelled the 2020 Wildlife Extravaganza originally set for this July. While many felt it would not continue after the planned sabotage by several domestic Terrorist last year, MWF is not blaming them, but rather the Mississippi Government and the Covid-19 outbreak.

We, at EveryDay Preppers had decided before the Covid-19 outbreak not to do the 2020 show because based on what was told too us last year about helping all the vendors that stuck in their with them and showed up last year, they (MWF) had no intentions to do what they promised in offering us (vendors from 2019) special rates. That, combined with a new executive director plus changing the venue to a new location, we felt this would not be good for the first year after the planned attacks on the MWF and Extravaganza Vendors. Throughout the entire 2019 Fall and up until today, MWF has made no effort to touch base with it’s vendors, including us about the mistakes of the past, share information about their new executive director announcement nor touch base about us returning for the 2020 show; showing us they really do not care about their vendors!

It is unknown at this time if EveryDay Preppers will return to the MWF Extravaganza for 2021 if they do in fact have one. As we have stated in several previous Blogs, they have failed in their promises from the last two years we have been supporting them to help us as a returning vendor even though we were personally attacked as a business for doing their show in 2019. Needless to say, we too have a sour taste in our mouth for the way we were and currently being treated by the MWF. It is our intention of this blog to share their latest press release about their intentions to cancel the 2020 show and time will tell if these new promises are kept. Here is a copy of the press release that came out 06/23/2020.

Dear Vendors, The Mississippi Wildlife Federation has made the very difficult decision to cancel the annual 2020 Wildlife Extravaganza scheduled to be held on July 24-26 at the Clyde Muse Center in Pearl, MS in its traditional format. This decision was not made lightly, but was based on the Governor’s recent Executive Order limiting events in reception and event halls to 25% capacity and mandating that they be seated events. These COVID restrictions, coupled with the boycott and harassment of our vendors at last year’s event, and the confusion being caused by another promoter pretending to hold our show at another venue on our historic date, has led us to take a “time out” from our traditional event this year. However, we are not giving up on either our loyal friends in the wildlife and hunting/angling services industry, nor our supporters who enjoy those goods and services. In an effort to help promote our fantastic vendors’ goods, services, trips and content, we are currently building out a “preferred vendors” page on our website. If you would like to be included on this page, and promoted through our various social media channels, please email We will do all that we can to make sure you are promoted and connected to our wildlife, conservation and hunting and angling supporters and enthusiasts – throughout the year. We do plan to host some historic components of the Extravaganza live, if the CDC guidelines on COVID allow. We plan to live stream and also host a live Magnolia Records White-Tailed Deer 2020 scoring session, and will also hold a mini-Youth Extravaganza geared toward our youngest attendees, which will include our traditional outdoor, hunting and fishing demonstrations designed for kids, such as archery demonstrations and range, catch and fetch fishing, snake handling demonstrations, bb gun range, musical acts, wildlife-calling contests and demos, and other kid-friendly programs. This will be at an outdoor location, and as soon as the date and location are finalized, we will keep you posted. There may be some availability to come set up your own tent and display if you wish. We are aware that this year’s program is a major change from our traditional Extravaganza; however, we are still recovering from the negative impact of the events that befell the 2019 Extravaganza and caused a large drop in attendance. Coupled with the uncertainty surrounding the ever-evolving COVID-19 social guidelines, we are disappointed but confident that our 2020 online marketing is the best way to reach our outdoor enthusiasts and safely connect our supporters with our amazing vendors, exhibitors, and partners. Our ability in Mississippi to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors is unmatched, and we want to make sure everyone has the skills and tools they need to enjoy the 2020-21 hunting season. With your help, this year will be no exception!

We appreciate your patience as we work out all the details of this transition and ask you to please spread the word to any other vendors and partners who may want to participate in our preferred vendors webpage, Magnolia Records or our mini-kids Extravaganza. We will be in touch again VERY soon! Best, Ashlee Ellis Smith CEO, Mississippi Wildlife Federation

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