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USPS Faces New Challenges w/ Staffing In Summer 2020 From Covid-19

USPS News: USPS suffers major set back due to staffing issues as a result of Covid -19.

I was informed by two USPS Employees this week that the distribution centers are down throughout the US and especially Alabama due to supposedly Covid-19 and to not trust the tracking numbers. If you are given one, they generally do not work anyway and they have no clue where your items are. One employee stated, one day Birmingham is shut down and all packages are routed thru Montgomery and one week later, Montgomery is shut down and everything has to go thru Mobile. They do not know day to day where or why packages are sent thru some distribution areas. One employee stated that he would not be surprised at all that a package sent from North Alabama on Monday, Priority Mail may go to Tampa, Florida and then back to Montgomery Distribution Center then to Birmingham, Distribution Center before arriving at a location in West Alabama. In the case of our recent ship this very thing happen. Someone mailed us something from North Alabama, that went to Tampa, FL then to Montgomery, AL then too Birmingham, Then to Tuscaloosa, Al then to our area in West Alabama. The funny thing was that the shipper sent it priority. I never received notification that my packages had arrived! While a package may have been labeled "Priority Mail" That doesn't mean anything in the new world we live in!!! They did say Priority Mail will be sorted before First Class Mail, but that is there was there was of handling mail. I feel it is there was to screw over the consumer since they didn't get their bailout money!

I was supposed to receive two packages yesterday via priority mail and was told two distribution areas are closed due to staffing issues and they do not know where packages really are. They are open one day and closed the next.

They also gave me excuses that UPS and FedX are short handed so they are dumping packages off too them which causes even more delays. Most recently they received 100 packages from UPS and only 50 delivered; USPS lost 50 packages and have no clue where they are.

So, first think twice before using USPS and pray UPS and FedX doesn't dump you stuff off the USPS. Secondly, on a side note: Why in the world would we even think of of bailing them out when they cannot even deliver packages & parcels correctly when it is not a Covid issue much less when it is a pandemic?

What was supposed to arrive Sat & Monday.....the package did not arrive until Friday. If this is our future, what is next???? Also Food For Thought: Why are we paying over priced shipping fee's from UPS and FED X when they are dumping off their shipments to USPS??? Leave us your thoughts below.

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