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2020 Covid Relief Go-Bags

I have been thinking about this for some time and just decided to put this together for our fans. With Students returning this Fall for colleges everywhere, think it is time to rethink the concept of a Go Bag or Get Home Bag to apply to the current National Pandemic (Covid-19) and how it can affect us as a family and also our students in college. If you have a child going to college and especially living in a dorm, help them create a specific Covid Relief Go-Bag just for them. Everyone will be different but some basics will still apply. This is for emergency use only if they test positive for Covid and the university quarantines them somewhere other than their dorm or current living situation for a certain number of days / weeks. In these uncertain times, the possibility exists that your child may test positive, and have to leave his or her dorm or living situation while in college for a quarantine location. In the case of The University of Alabama, the University just rented 260+ units off campus to keep students who are not positive and the positive students will / may be forced to leave their current dorms while they professionally clean their previous living quarters.. Many of us already keep a Go Bag or revamped into a Get Home Bag (which by the way is different). To be honest we all need one with the current state the US today and civil unrest happening everywhere. What would you do if you have to evacuate your vehicle and head out on foot? Having some basic survival things are not a bad idea. The Civil Unrest Go Bag will be featured in another article. Nevertheless, helping your student create a Covid Go-Bag is vital in today’s New World! It would be so much easier to ask a roommate to grab "the blue Nike bag in my closet or the Red back Pack and his / her laptop" than to try to figure out what he or she will want/need for two / three weeks.

Here are my suggestions for a Covid Relief Go-Bag. Please add comments to the bottom of the article of things you would add so that our readers can get more ideas. COVID-19 QUARANTINE Go Bag:

*A few Face Masks (N95 if you can find them), change them out regularly and reuse them if possible.

*Extra cell phone charger / battery back up

*List of important peoples’ phone numbers written out or on a thump drive

*List of any allergies, both environmental and drug allergies.

*2-4 complete changes of comfy clothes: sweats, PJ pants, T's, Fuzzy Socks

*Fleece throw (take the tiniest one in the house and squish it into an XL Baggie, then force the extra air out or use a seal-a-meal to get the air out)

*Non Contact Thermometer, you get them at Harbor Freight really cheap.

*Body Lotion/baby oil

*(Females) Feminine Hygiene / Make-up Wipes

*Toothbrush, Toothpaste


*Hair comb/brush, Hair Ties

*Cough Drops (your favs)

*Tylenol to bring fever down, help with aches

*Vicks Vap O Rub

*Prescription medications (optional Mucinex DM or Robitussin Cough & Chest Congestion)

Keep your prescription meds in a separate bag for easy grab.

*Tissues and / or your favorite roll of TP

* Lysol Wipes / Lysol Spray

*Snacks, trail mix, protein bars

*Some sort of distraction-even an adult coloring book and color pencils / markers or a deck of cards, mazes, word search, etc.

* Laptop Computer or Tablet & small extension cord if you need it

* I also like the powdered Gatorade to mix in water so you student may as well.

* Flashlight & extra batteries

* Water Bottle – Something like a Yeti Rambler or RTIC to keep ice and drink in. Remember to make up a smaller Pet Go Bag if you student has a pet and create a pet safety bag for that special furry friend. Example:

Good luck to all of the college students and also to their parents!

Please let me know your thoughts on what else you would add. Keep in mind this has to be small enough for your student to actually want to carry it!

Times are changing and it is up too you to be prepared! * Make sure you come back each week to read more of our blogs and look for the latest on Covid-19 as well as check out our old blogs as you may find them helpful. Thank you for following EveryDay Preppers USA and checking out or Online Store.

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