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New Addition to our Work Trailer: Bulldog Powered Drive A-Frame Tongue Jack with Spring Loaded Pull

Many of you know we upgraded last year from our baby 5x8 single axle trailer to a much larger 6x12 tandem axle and we have not looked back. We are actually considering upgrading again to this time a 18' / 20' trailer but for now we are extremely happy with the 6x12. We have upgraded twice to the new tongue jack. The first jack didn't last but a few months and broke and Anvil sent us a new heavy duty hand crank jack. Just this past month we upgraded to the Bulldog 4000 Lbs Power Jack. While I was not initially happy with the first one from Bulldog as we purchased from their Amazon Acct, we received a unit that was missing parts and they (Bulldog or their parent company) refused to answer their phones and when they did they lied about sending us the missing parts, we learned real quick the Bulldog company has horrible customer service so we returned it and opted for a similar model from 3rd party seller, the E-Trailer company where I verified that they, ETrailer will warranty it not Bulldog. I informed ETrailer of our issues and the said no problem, while ETrailer in my opinion charged a lot for plus ripped us off on the tax, the unit has been great and highly recommended by several RV and Trailer companies. I opted for the Bulldog simply because it supposedly was the best all around power jack with that added Spring Loaded Pull Pin which is awesome. The Spring Loaded Pull Pin I have never seen by another jack company and it has been a real blessing in certain situations. do not use it every time, but when I need too I know it is there. So, I guess me getting a bad on right off the bad was a fluke. I have not had any issues one month in and I love the Spring Loaded Pull Pin that is not offered by any other jack manufacture. ETrailer states it is one of the best they offer. Even the YouTuber BIG TRUCK RV recommends it and I watch and check out their videos all the time (Great Channel)

The install was incredibly simple, what has given me pause was custom fabricating a battery mount on the Anvil as Anvil are known to have much A-Frame space at the front of their units for Batteries or Propane tanks as commonly added by people with cargo trailers. We had to have a custom plate welded and added 100 Amp breaker to power the Jack as well as interior lights when the trailer is not connected to the tow vehicle. The breaker gives me the option to turn on/ off the breaker when not in use plus it is water proof. We also just purchased a small solar panel for be used as a battery maintainer / charger to keep the battery at 100% optimal power. I plan to do another article on it when it comes in and we install it.

This will also give us the ability to use the solar panel to maintain the House Battery as well as any other piece of equipment we carry on work adventure trips. Last year my Tahoe went thru 5 truck batteries before we properly got the electrical drain issues resolved so this will protect the truck as well as the trailer. So, we have some great new items we add to the trailer that will benefit us in the long run. If you have a cargo trailer, I highly recommend you think about some of the things we added to be added to your trailer, for work or play these are great additions and make your life easier.

Check out our video review of this product below.

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