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5 Items You Should Alway Keep In Your Trunk Year Round

Hurricane season have officially started down in the Sotha nd out West theya re facing the worst WildFire in record times, we are in the middle of a global pandemic, and our nation is caught in turmoil with civil unrest. What else do we have in store for us this year? Let's not forget Winter is just around the corner. If we have learned one thing from 2020, it is that we should all be prepared for unexpected events. Having a backup emergency kit in your car could save your life. We have put together a list of 5 things you should keep in your trunk at all times. Personally I have a Get Home Bag on top of a Vehicle Emergency Kit just in case I have to leave my vehicle (check our previous blog for articles on Get Home Bags). For the Vehicle, everyone should be carrying these items all the time. 1 - JUMPER CABLES - Dead Batteries happen all the time. Keeping a pair of jumper cables in your trunk will definitely come in handy and save you time if your battery dies. 2 - FOOD AND WATER - You should always keep some backup food and water in your car in case you get stranded. We are here to help you prepare with the proper emergency food. Our freeze-dried meals are lightweight, easy to store and can be rehydrated in a matter of minutes. 3 - FIRST AID KIT You never know when you might need a first aid kit. These are handy to have by at all times. These can help with minor wounds until the EMTs arrive. 4 - FLASHLIGHT A flashlight is an essential item to keep in your car. This could be used at night if you get a flat tire and need to change it. It could also help you flag someone down from a distance if you got stranded somewhere in the dark. 5 - Fire Extinguisher With the wildfire season just starting, having a fire extinguisher in your trunk could be of great use. Although the chances of you needing one are low, it could end up saving your life or valuables. Other Items to Consider Blanket - in case your battery dies and your stranded in the cold. Kitty Litter - this can help you gain traction in case your car gets stuck. Air Pump - in case you find your tire flat and don’t have a spare Battery Pack - in case you don’t see a friendly hand to help jumpstart your car. You can find Batter Jump Boxes that also have a Air Pump in them and I highly recommend them. I have one in each vehicle we have. Hazard Triangle or Flares - these could save your life if you are stranded and need to make yourself visible. MultiTool - Just the other week I got a call from my sister in law who stated her car would not crank. She went into a restaurant and when she came out, it would not crank. By all appearances it seemed to be a dead battery. So, we tried to jump it off with jumper cables I had; did not work! We walked down the street to Auto Parts Stores; we were lucky this was in an urban environment and good, safe area in the middle of afternoon. We borrowed a battery tester and found the battery was in fact good. What's next you ask: process of immimination and what I found was it looked like the battery terminals were tight but in this vehicle it had a fuse block just below the main terminal that wasn't tight. I grabbed my multi tool and tighten the terminal and guess what? we had power and it fired right up. There is no excuse everyone cannot have a Multi Tool in their vehicle and throughout the year, Big Box stores will run cheap one's on sale and you can find them for $5 - $10. Granted you can / should get a better quality one that will cost more, but just to get going I highly recommend one in each Go Bag / Get Home Bag as well as Vehicle. When you can upgrade to a better quality one, do so!

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