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2021 Comes To A Close While 2022 Ramps Up Strong

EveryDay Preppers 2021 year came to a close this past December 31st and we have taken our little bit of down time relax, get thru the December Holiday’s and gear up for the road once more. To recap 2020, we made it thru twenty-seven shows only missing three additional shows due to all our staff getting Covid -19 and / or the 2nd variant of Covid plus we missed one additional new show we planned in our back yard when the promoter asked us to back out on our tables so he could bring in additional vendor (Tuscaloosa Show). Over the past several years we have grown so much since 2017 when we had one table to now 2020 having 7 tables; really needing 8 tables in that short period. We have gone from selling one product to several and have expanded the EveryDay Preppers Name and Brand! People now come too select shows, specifically looking for us (according to our customers). We, at EveryDay Preppers would like to thank all those that came out too all the shows we attended and visited us, especially those that purchased a little something from us as many do not know this is our main income and during these trying Covid times, every little bit helps as you never know when the City, County, State of Feds will shut down shows again and we will be out of work for months like we were in 2019. While other companies closed, we were able to hang in there and it was because of you and we appreciate it! Believe it or not, we have only had supply chain issues with one major (Un-named) supplier and it is actually a USA Supplier. I, take that back, we have had one other issue with another US supplier but the gear we were needing came from France and this had to do to Biden shutting down the import trade at the US border and then causing all the supply chain issues all over the US; we still deal with almost a year later. This affected that company with everything they sold and I am personally surprised they are still in business.; nine months to a year+ later we do not have product we ordered as does others and half or more of their inventory is listed as out of stock. So far, all other suppliers have seem to get us product and gear on a regular basis and we have been lucky and blessed not to be as affected as others.

2022 As we head into 2022, we are working two fold to order and get in inventory the weeks leading up to the first months show, fix and repair loading carts, load trailer and work on web site and prepare for the new shows in the weeks to come. We are going to be a busy for the first quarter and we have to make sure supply chain issue do not affect us as much as possible. We have already confirmed what should be a full first quart of the year starting with three shows for the first three weeks of January 2022; two Shriner’s shows back to back (ABBA Shrine Mobile & Alcazar Shrine Montgomery) followed by a huge show in North Alabama (Huntsville), leaving the last weekend off to rest, resupply, coming back the weekend before Valentines for Huge Show in Birmingham (Hoover - first time CASC has ever been on that weekend in that area) followed by the second show of the year down in South Alabama at the Gulf Area (Robertsdale). We have a full month of March scheduled after that; all four weeks booked filled with two super huge shows (AGCA & Mobile)and two smaller shows (Montgomery & Dothan). 2022 Customers will also be treated to some new items as we are bringing in a bunch of new items we have never had before including new items from Black Beard Fire Starters, Balisong Knives, OTFs, Fixed Blades, some new Mora’s from Sweden, some all New Knife Sharpeners and we are told Opinel’s will be in from France. We have both Stainless Steel and Carbone in Beech & Walnut Handle Opinel’s on back order for the past 9 months and hope they will be in soon. Don’t forget we are Tactical Medical Solutions Authorized Dealers so if you ever see anything they sell and want us to quote you a price, let us know. We have already started bringing in several of their emergency medical products and will be offering it at shows we attending including the SOF-T Tourniquet and Olaes Modular Bandage (Best all around bandage on the market today!). TacMed, also has a great alternative to Quik Clot Gauze too, so make sure you check it out: OLAES® Hemostatic Bandage

You never know what new product we will add or bring back at EDP, so make sure you support your local shows and look for us. Make sure you subscribe to our web site and stay up to date on our Blog and check us weekly on new items being added to our store and as always check our Calendar too see where we will be next. Thank you again for supporting EveryDay Preppers as we could not do it without your support.

See you at our first show January 8th at Abba Shrine in Mobile. EDP P.S.: Follow Us on Facebook & Twitter

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