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2022 Ends On A Disappointing Note

2022 started off like any other year and has been going downhill ever since. I cannot express how rough this year has been. While the Covid year hit many hard, it was not as hard on us as this past 2022 year hit us and our industry and I blame Biden and his economy going down the tubes.

The Covid Year and the year after was the year and year after Trump’s economy still going strong to a point but within 2 years of Biden being in office he has sabotaged America and damaged our economy so bad no one wants to work and almost every industry in begging for employees and we are begging foreigner for oil while he shuts down American pipe Lines and Oil here in America. His gun control measures have failed so far, so he and his staff are going after other ways to hurt law abiding Americans and they have damaged America more than people know or will admit thru Food and Fuel.

Slow Joe thinks Covid is over and yet people are still coming down with it. I had a 3rd round of it this past year as did my sister in law just these past few weeks and we both lost weeks from work and I personally lost the ability to attend shows and lost revenue from those shows. We lost many in our Gun & Knife show industry to illness, whether it be Covid or complications from their vaccine i.e. heart related issues, pneumonia, etc. We lost countless vendors in the industry due to Joe’s economy and just not being able to hang in there because things are so bad across America. We saw countless people buy Diesel trucks, trailers & RV only to downsize to Gas Burners and sell off their Diesels, Trailers and RV’s just to survive. We, are self went from seven table booth down to three & five tables at select shows and moved from our Tahoe & Cargo Trailer to a smaller vehicle just to survive. We have been informed that there might be more vendors give up simply because they just cannot make it any longer and we totally understand. We are personally re-evaluating what we offer at our booth and trying to decide what more we can downsize on and what new things we thing might be good to bring on board. The Trade show world is hurting and rumors are out there if things do not change, more shows will be cancelled! We have severing ties with North American Rescue and will probably no longer offer their products, which means, what we offer in medical will be downsized drastically. We will offer Tactical Medical Solutions for now and we are looking into other medical suppliers, but also looking at deleting the entire lineup too as the profit margin in medical is really not worth it to keep. North American Rescue had become very unreliable since Covid hit and they cannot guaranty when we order products when and if we will get them in a timely manner. This got worse when the Ukraine War started and they decided to take care of foreign affairs instead of taking care of local USA Dealers. This same holds true with MTM Case Gard regarding their ammo cans and large cases. Ever since Covid, can / case sales has dropped dramatically and we do not know why. Is it because we cannot offer them on a regular basis to our customers and they got mad or is it due to MTM being out of stock constantly for the last two years or has their time run out and people have just picked up all they needed. We did see right before Covid hit that MTM lost all their major Big Box stores i.e. Bass Pro Shop, Gander Mountain, Academy Sports, Dicks Sporting Goods and WalMart; I assume because they just cannot keep up with demand of these retailer. Hell, they cannot keep up with the orders we have. During our prime we went from 2-4 cases per week to 18 wheelers back up at our place We learned that if we wanted anythign, we had to order a lot at one time, because next week they would run out.

We have to look at the big picture for our company and so many suppliers have shown preference to companies outside the USA instead of taking care of their USA Partners and businesses. 2023’s outlook does not look good in general for us and others and the outlook looks dim.

The main promoter we work with cut several of his shows off the calendar, so we have to look at filling those dates somehow. There is even more weeks off between shows than there were this year and this year was extremely rough. On top of that, several of the locations we attend are up for sale / sold and the future of those shows are up in the air so, this could drastically affect shows for the future and our ability to make a living in 2023 going forward, making future predictions even worse. Seems like promoters fail to realize many of their vendors do not do this as a side job or side income, some do this as a primary income; without shows we cannot make it and they will lose all their vendors and they too will not have any shows. Without Vendors, you have No Shows! When you depend on this for your main income and promoters cut out shows, what are you supposed to do? We cut out traveling out of state due to the cost and travel times, but we may have to go back on the road or like others look at diving into another industry for our income and cut out shows. We had our last show of the year at the Hoover Met’s Finley Center, Hoover, Alabama December 17th & 18th and it too was dealt with loads of drama from their staff making it hard for spectators to attend and get in the building. Spectators were never informed prior to the show Cash would not be accepted to gain entry and the venue put notes on the door stating it was a CASHLESS Venue making it even more confusing giving the illusion that vendors would not take cash when we all take cash!

We lost thousands in revenue and we witnessed tons of people turn around at the lobby and never come inside because of this. This alienated an entire population of people as not everyone has a credit card nor bank account giving them an ATM/ debit visa. On top of that our own credit card processing company (Pay Anywhere / Andromeda Pay) went down Saturday and Sunday and would not process credit cards for those that wanted to pay via C.C. causing us to lose sales. We also received notices Monday that they were still dealing with issues as of Monday. We tried to call both companies and their representatives and no one would answer the phones. Even several days after the show, no one will answer the phones at either company but we did get emails making excuses for their lack of ability to process our credit cards. You do not do computer updates during December, especially during the week before a major holiday and Pay Anywhere and Andromeda Pay have done this two years in a row. I would not recommend either company to anyone. (Read more on our other Blog Article) December 17th show was the worst shows of 2022. After the word got out Cash would not be accepted, no one showed up Sunday! We sat around all day Sunday doing nothing. 200 Vendors not doing anything because the Mayor of Hoover decided he wanted to screw over the Shows Promoter and hurt this Christmas Show. Pay Attention if this venue is Cashless for any other show throughout 2023. So, as I stated earlier, 2022 cannot come to a close soon enough and I pray 2023 starts off better! We do have good news in that we have tentatively booked five shows in a row starting with the first week of January in a new location in Bessemer, Alabama. This is very unusual in that most shows do not start until the third / fourth week in January and are spaced out throughout the first quarter of the year. We do have 9 shows during the first quarter of the year far on the calendar, but then it drops off to one a month until August making it impossible again to survive unless we can find more shows. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers and please keep an eye out for where we will be and come see us and come buy a little something from us to help us during 2023. Thank you for supporting Everyday Preppers USA, a family owned and run company! Please look below and hit the Red, Heart Button to help our Channel and show your support for our web site and blogs.

If you have a chance, visit our online store and get a little something to further help support us.

Until next time, God Bless and Happy New Year!

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