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CASC Mobile Gun Show

The CASC Mobile Gun Show will be held next on Aug 7th-8th, 2021 with additional shows on Dec 11th-12th, 2021, in Mobile, AL. This Mobile gun show is held at The Grounds and hosted by Collectors and Shooters Company. All federal, state and local firearm ordinances and laws must be obeyed. While it is unknown at this time if the show will be like last time, meaning utilizing part of the small room and part of the main large room as it normally is, the show will be August 7th & 8th and will be a packed house featuring vendors from Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana and Georgia. The event is scheduled to have 300 +/- Vendor Tables for this August show, some vendors like myself featuring items you can only get at this show as no other show around will have these items and no big box stores will also have access too these items and special deals. As you know Big Box stores have had hard times getting guns and ammo as well as other items so these local shows are the places to go to try and get your special items and with Ammo finally coming down as well as prices on other items, now is the time to venture outside too your local events.

This will be the last of the Summer shows for the Gulf Coast Region for CASC - Collectors & Shooters Company from Alabama and the Mobile, Alabama area. This event will commence at 9am this coming Saturday and last until 5pm that day. They will reopen the following day Sunday, 10am until 4pm.

CASC, they will be bringing in vendors from all over the region to showcase some great items, some never before seen so make sure you have it on your schedule for this weekend! We here at Everyday Preppers just got in some new products we did not think we could get in; some that actually got too us several months early including: MoraKniv - Eldris & 511 Knives that were not supposed to be here before November. We have had a lot of people ask for the Eldris and we honored to carry this new item as well as the new Stainless Steel, Full Tang- Mora Garberg.

We also got in a massively order of AR Magazines (Made here in Alabama) as well as AR Magazine Couplers, Maglula products for Pistol and AR's (Speed Loaders), plus I will probably be the only one in area with Glock 17/34, 9mm OEM Factory Mags for Full Frame Weapons plus the New 35rd, 9mm Mags with 2 year warranty (Made here in Bama too). We also got in some never before seen CobraTec Knives Micros and CTK's new colors & Cold Steel push daggers and also new CRKT Minimalist - Neon Green (Gear), Persian and Black Cleaver.

Just arrived too is some never before seen, brand new MP-5, 40mm, NATO Approved Gas Mask. Every Preppers should have one of these!!!

This is definitely going to be one Summer show not to miss!

See you this coming weekend and please make sure you stop by our booth for the best deals around on MTM Case Gard Ammo Crates and Cane. CobraTec Knives, CRKT Knives, Emergency Food, First Aid And Stop The Bleed items, Glock and AR Parts as well as Custom Decals by TP Creations.

We hope you will help us spread the word and we hope too also send out an invitation invite later this week too those signed up on our page as a reminder too, so make sure you are signed up on our page. After Mobile we have one weeks off then head over to Andalusia to a once a year / annual show hosted by the South Alabama Gun & Hunting Club and then return to another huge show in Hoover, Alabama for CASC and then we are off for Labor Day Weekend.

Stay tuned for more as we have some exciting news coming soon!!!.

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