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Clenzoil, Huge Hit At Huntsville Show

January 25th & 26th Everyday Preppers took the drive to North Alabama for the first show of the 2023 calendar year for North Alabama. We arrived the 24th to set up and prepare for the weekend show not knowing how Good or Bad this first show would be. The show opened Saturday at 9am and we were excited to see a line of people at the door waiting to get in. We were in our regular place in the venue; something we have pushed for in the previous years as people get used to seeing us in the same spot show after show and they know EveryDay Preppers will be in that general area. Saturday went on like usual and we started introducing Clenzoil to everyone that came by and showed any interest in cleaning products. I gave away a lot of samples and talked about the product to hundreds. I was pleasantly surprised when several told me there is no one in North Alabama that offers Clenzoil and they had to BEG a local shop to order some. I informed them not too worry that I would be happy to help and was probably cheaper than most Brick & Mortar stores. If they ever wanted anything to give me a shout and gave out tons of business cards along with some samples. Many were shocked that anyone would do this as they had a really hard time with local shops not wanting to carry it but they knew it was a great product. I believe in the product, use it on everything from parts, knives, tools and even my truck and trailer. I plan to use Clenzoil Green this Summer for my fresh water fishing gear. If you every need any Clenzoil, do not hesitate to reach out too us. We now have several sizes of the product, including the Gun Mats both in pistol and rifle formats perfect for work benches.

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