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EDP Becomes New Authorized Dealer for The Original UV Bore Illuminator Light Illuminator

EveryDay Preppers is now honored to be a New Authorized Distributor for ProShot Products and all their product line. We are going to first start off by carrying the ever popular Original UV Bore Light created by George Slawson. Slawson, who is now passing away signed over the rights of his design to ProShot Products to carry the torch as it were and we are honored to be part of their extended family to carry on the brand here in the South. As I know it, I am the only Authorized dealer in the Alabama / Southern Gun & Knife Show Circuit too offer the Original UV Bore Light. About Original J - Bore Lights Fast and Easy way to check barrels for cleaning or wear. Insert the short end of the UV Bore Light Illuminator into the firearm chamber and watch the fiber optic tool light up your bore for inspection. No batteries needed, our UV Bore Light Illuminators are ready anytime, whether you are at home or in the field! Fits in Most Handguns, Shotguns and Rifle Chambers Illuminates Bore using only Ambient Light - NO BATTERIES NEEDED Can be Enhanced using a Flashlight Made in America Choose from Neon Green and Blue Clear HOW IT WORKS Always make sure firearm is unloaded before using gun bore lights! American Made and built to last, the Original NO battery Gun Bore Light. The Pro-Shot Original J UV Bore Illuminator is an innovative design that uses ambient light. Simply put the short end of the “J” bore light in the chamber area of your unloaded firearm. The superior tool will provide neon light to be fiber optically transferred for excellent illumination to check the bore. Built for extreme use, the Pro-Shot Original J-UV Bore Illuminate will give you years of service!! - Polycarbonate Material that is almost indestructible; never heard of anyone breaking one to date! - No Battery Needed - Works with Ambient Light, but is amplified with Flash Light How does it work? FOREVER or until you loose it, LOL * 90% of all Battery L.E.D. Bore lights Corrode before you need then or the wire piece breaks under normal use. * White L.E.D Battery Bore Lights are normally too bright and cause a glare on silver barrels and make it too bright to see anything; this is where the UV Bore Light comes in. even the Blue Clear makes it better than a Bright White Hot L.E.D. Light Glare.

Yes, they do come in other colors including: Red / Orange color but unless you are color blind, you never need to worry about the other colors and it actually will not help you with 90% of the people will opting for Neon Green and Blue / Clear UV Bore Light! Get yours today thru EveryDay Preppers USA ProShots Newest Authorized Dealer!

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