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EveryDay Preppers Cancels Mid-Summer Show Due To Price Gouging Hotels

EveryDay Preppers USA Cancels Robertsdale Show Summer 2022 due to high Summer Prices by Hotels in South Alabama. Unfortunately, EDP had to notify CASC owner to inform him we would not be making the trip to South Alabama for the Robertsdale Summer Show at the Baldwin County Fairgrounds for the July 9th & 10th show.

For some reason this years entire show schedule has been off and shows are down in general and especially Spring / Summer 2022. With Hotels and Restaurants still trying to make up for their losses from Covid last year; why they all think they can make it up in one week or one weekend is beyond my comprehension. Nevertheless, we decided as a family we were not going to be taken advantage of this way.

Hotels that were usually $85 - $100 are now asking for @289 - $350 / day for Mid-Summer Rates. These are not even high-end hotels. Econolodge has the audacity to ask for $239. If you have ever stayed at this hotel in Foley, it is not worth this price!!! Our favorite place to stay in Spanish Fort is Comfort Inn and they are charging $275/nite…. A NO!!! Please note, we love this hotel but still cannot stay here mid-summer.

What makes it worse is that some hotels are still making excuses for not cleaning the rooms or offering their companies stated hot breakfast sighting Covid.

Covid is no longer an issue when it comes to hotels and hotels should not be afraid to clear and sanitize customers room and offer Clean / Dry Towels. If they are, maybe we / you need to book somewhere else. Last weekend in Dothan, I had a major chain tell us we did not request it so we did not get house keeping / cleaning our room. Since when do we have to start requesting this??? They did not even offer us Clean / Dry Towels and we had to demand them. I know some of my co-workers still do not want house keeping in their rooms and that is ok for them, but I would still want Clean / Dry Towels each day, especially since we are still paying higher prices for hotels than we were 1.5 - 2 years ago due to supposed Covid. I also travel with my own can of Lysol to so, I am not overly worried about Covid!

So, to reiterate, We Will Not be in Robertsdale this coming weekend, July 9th & 10th.

Hotels have lost their minds price gouging people as part of the mid-summer over pricing campaigns. If people would stop paying these prices they would all be forced to change their policies! So, I refuse to be taken advantage off by hotels over charging that much, refusing to clean our rooms, not offer the breakfast they price and have poor staff with bad attitudes; I would rather stay home this coming weekend.

Summer Shows slow down in general and we cannot afford to drive that far and pay those over-prices just for a show that is already estimated to be super slow for vendors. We will be available thru the internet for all orders and we hope to see our South Alabama Fans the first week in August 6th & 7th in Mobile (300 Vendor Table) if all goes as planned!

In the mean time, if you can make it drive to Hoover, Alabama July 16th & 17th for the AGCA Super Show (690 Vendor Table Show), Alcazar Shrine Show July 23rd & 24th in Montgomery, Alabama (200 Vendor Tables), Andalusia's Annual / Once A Year Show at Kiwanis Community Center (185+ Vendor Table Show), that is elbow to elbow all weekend long! One of our best shows in South Alabama All Year!!!, then Mobile, Alabama first weekend in August. Please add these dates too your calendar and we hope to see you soon. EveryDay Preppers USA

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