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EveryDay Preppers Gets Renewal from North American Rescue for Distributorship

For several years we have have been selling NAR - North American Rescue products both thru our web site and at trade shows throughout the South. We were under the impression we were authorized dealers, but apparently someone at NAR had filed our paper work incorrectly and just this past Fall it was brought too their attention and we had to refile and get approval and now we are Official Distributors / Dealers for products under the North American Rescue Umbrella.

As you shop under our newly updated store, you will see a lot of new items we recently added from NAR and we are excited too carry the #1 brand name Tourniquet on the market today, the C.A.T. - Combat Application Tourniquet. The CAT became popular due to it's use in the US Military and then carried over to many law enforcement agencies throughout the US. NAR has been leaders in putting together some amazing products, so please take time to check out our store and let us know if we can help you and if we do not have anything....ask us and I guaranty you we will try too get it for you. Thank you again for al your support thru the years and supporting not only our company, but our web site and YouTube Channel. Please share our post, comments and videos when they come up and help us grow. Thank you North American Rescue for your support of EveryDay Preppers as a renewed distributor / dealer for your company. Remember to go visit our online medical store today and see what we have to offer. Thanks again. EDP

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