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Everyday Preppers Is Excited Too Announce We Are TACMED Solutions Authorized Distributors / Dealers

In December 2021 we signed on with Tactical Medical Solutions to become their newest dealers in the South and one of the few, maybe only Distributors in Alabama (West) for Tactical Medical Solutions (TACMED) products.

TACMED is the best known as the owners of the SOF-T Wide Tourniquet, which many feel is equal too widely known North American Rescue Combat Application Tourniquet (AKA: C.A.T. Tourniquet). The SOF-T has a metal windless and the main band / main strap that is wider than the CAT which gives better control and cuts the flow of blood off without capillary damage. The C.A.T., while more widely used, has a polymer (plastic) windless and can be bent or break according to some Paramedics and Fire Departments. The SOF also has a easy open and close metal buckle in their latest model (Gen) which makes it better in our opinion when applying too a lower limb (leg) as you do not have to take it completely apart nor do you have to go around the foot and come back up the leg to apply the tourniquet above the knee. While we have personally never experienced this bend or break experience in the windless, we did find the metal windless nice and the added buckle was also easier to use when putting it on a leg extremity but if you are trained in the C.A.T., it will take time to get used too the SOF-T. I have personally been a huge fan of the C.A.T. for years and carry the C.A.T. in all my vehicles and just recently been trying out the SOF-T and while I do like it, the jury is out as too which is better. I personally think it is all about what you are most comfortable with and what you get used too using all the time but the SOF does have some great benefits and I am a huge fan of the buckle! Nevertheless, I am excited to be new Alabama Distributors for TACMED and will showcase and demo the SOF-T and all their products when given the opportunity.

While both NAR & TACMED have both a full lineup of emergency medical products, it was TacMed in 2019 I think, that came out with an amazing new product that is the K-9 Tourniquet. This has been a blessing in the law enforcement community and they have really taken too it as the K-9 Trainers more and more are carry it along with other gear specifically designed for Emergency Medicine in the field for the K-9 and their Officer alike. This is something I am truly looking forward to showcasing in the coming months.

Thank you TACMED for your support of EveryDay Preppers as a new distributor / dealer for your company. Remember to go visit our online medical store today and see what we have to offer. EveryDay Preppers USA

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