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EveryDay Preppers Severs Ties with North American Rescue

After 5 years of being a successful authorized dealer for North American rescue (NAR) we have had to severed ties with this company. It appears they are another company that never truly recovered from Covid and when the Ukraine war hit, they took advantage of it and sent all their resources to support this third world country and left their USA Dealer hanging. We spent months and months without stock leaving our own customers hanging because of NAR being out of stock supposedly due to them shipping their merchandise out of country. One particular item we waited close to 9 months and you just cannot run a business like this. When NAR did randomly get things in, you never knew when your credit card will be charged without notice. We asked for notification before any back order was sent as we were could not continue to wait on back ordered items and we were constantly outsourcing from other suppliers, so like I said you never knew when they would get things in and you never knew when you would be hit with credit fee’s or when shipments would magically appear without notice. They said they had no way to track this and could not accommodate us in tracking back orders and notifying us when items came into their company and this is not the way they run their business. Is it me or is this not a weird way to operate any business or does this sound like an excuse? What company in the USA could operate not knowing when / if you would ever get merchandise to take care of your customers? All we asked was: prior notification before you ship and / or charge so we could add to the order or cancel the order because we already outsourced it; needless to say, they could not or would not be willing to help one of their long time suppliers. Their staff showed bias against Rick, the owner of the company because he defended his rights and his company moral ethics so he stepped back from day two day ordering and Tina agreed to step in and they would not even allow her to go forward. We tried and tried to work with them but to no avail they could not accommodate us in any way or unwilling too. I really do not know what kind of company now days survives when you do not answer the phones, return emails, place orders and do not get replies for weeks and cannot give your customers / client straight answers whether a product is in stock or not in stock and randomly hit your clients with credit card fees without their knowledge. Needless to say, we have severed ties with North American Rescue at this time. They have offered to give us a list of third party suppliers that charge 1/3 to 1/2 more per item than what we already pay and if you know anything about the medical industry, there is already no profit margin, so we will most likely not carry North American Rescue items. On a side note: several years ago we worked with a Tennessee based company and they built us custom Medical Tourniquet Kits. They were only in business for a few years before they folded because there is no money in medical supplies like this. Another company we use to see in South Alabama was similar to them and only last two-three years and they too folded. I personally cannot speak on how long we will carry what all we have, but we are drastically downsizing, one major reason is because of North American Rescue and the other is the third party supplier they think they are doing us a favor at providing is not a favor at all and if you do your homework, you will realize they are higher and there is no way to survive in this field. People already complain about high medical prices and we are about as low as we can go. Where we go from here, I do not know but please keep us in your thoughts as we explorer our options and future endeavourers.

Keep in mind this is 100% got to do with a USA based company showing bias against another USA based business while they take care of third world affairs they have no business being involved in for profit and greed! All while USA business back home suffers while they rake in profits and fill their coffers. If this is the sign of the future, we need to be prepared as they are not the only medical company shipping all USA medical gear out of USA for profiteering.

What happens when we need these supplies at home?

Many will not remember when sugar was in shorter supply than most other foods in the United States throughout nearly all of World War II. It was the first food to be rationed after the outbreak of war and the only one not removed from ration control before 1946. The only company that wasn’t rationed was Milton Hershey of the Hershey Chocolate Company. Just think of this in comparison if we are drawn into a war conflict today, medical gear will be rationed and USA citizens will not have any for basic needs. Everything will go to the war effort and where will it come from when these medical suppliers have already shipped it off to our allies or worst yet, our enemies. Take care of yourself and your home before you take care of others.

How can you help others if you are not taken care of first!

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