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Hoover Met / Finley Center Causes Problems for Christmas Show 2022

Hoover Met / Finley Center Causes Problems for Christmas Show 2022

For the last show of the year the Hoover Met Finley Center started in on their continued antics and drama they have created throughout the 2021-2022 calendar year. What used to be a fun venue to go too and participate in now is a venue no one enjoys attending. We only go because it is considered a home show for us and close to home. We do not have to rent hotels and can drive home. While some vendors still have to rent hotels, I along with several do not. This December 17th-18th was the last show of the year for CASC and how ironic the venue put up signs on the door and down by the street stating it was a cashless venue misleading the public and potential customers. Unbeknownst to the promoter when he booked the venue and unbeknownst too the vendors who rented tables, this little sign confused spectators, guest and potential customers and cost many of us thousands of dollars on lost revenue. With another show looming in the near future many are second guessing whether or not we want to participate in any future shows at the Finley Center. Promoter tried to put up his own sign explaining that the vendors accepted cash inside but the venue management ripped it down sighting it was confusing; NO what was confusing was that guest / potential customers coming to the show thought they had to pay with a credit card for everything from tickets to purchasing merchandise inside the venue. Not everyone carries credit cards, and not everyone in life qualifies for a credit card and/or a debit card / bank account and this alienated an entire group of people, showing bias against people and segregating an entire population from attending the show. Isn’t it illegal to not accept US Federal Currency i.e. The U.S. Almighty Dollar??? We had people telling us people were turning around in the lobby and never coming in because they did not bring a credit card on purpose, they only brought cash so not to spend too much this holiday season! We had others tell us they felt like a child holding up a $20 bill begging someone to take it and help them come into the venue. This is wrong and some on including the media should know about this. We were told the venue is a City of Hoover Property and if anyone complained to have them contact the Mayor of Hoover. Email:

Mayor Frank Vincent Brocato Mayor's Office Physical Address: 100 Municipal Lane Hoover, AL 35216 Phone: 205-444-7500 Fax: 205-444-7723

There is another show scheduled the first of the year and people and the shows promoters need to know well in advance so they too can better prepare and get the word out for their vendors and the people of Birmingham / Hoover and who travel further away. This shows promoter and his vendors were not prepared for the fall out and as I stated earlier, we all lost thousands because of the Mayor of Hoover and the Finley Center in Hoover! We used to all love the Finley Center but their management and it appears under the guidance of the Mayor of Hoover has been taking measures to get rid of shows for some time. He has been doing things for the past several years to make it more and more difficult on all of us each time we do a show and I have to wonder what is next and if it is legal??? What are your thoughts, please leave them below. What can you do to help us?

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