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Mississippi Wildlife Extravaganza To Return In 2021 Without Help From EDP

In 2019, Mississippi Wildlife Federation held their annual Extravaganza Show, an annual fundraiser expo to dismal crowds when the show was sabotaged by one of the patrons when they were denied a booth for political reason and a stir made it too the press over a highly publicized matter over the MWF refusal to support the Yazoo Backwater Pump Project and the MWF’s Event Manager refusal too allow a patron to rent a booth at the show to discuss & showcase the Wildlife Federations refusal to support the Pump Project which ultimately lead to a very public free for all which turned into a media storm nightmare for the MWF and the Expo and all of the vendors. I will not go into details on this other than to say, MWF did not handle the situation properly and it truly hurt them and all their vendors for their annual Extravaganza Expo and it appears to still haunt them today as main stream media is still discussing this in articles published today. They appear to have done a lot of image repair to try and fix the situation by bringing in a new CEO and event manager for the Extraganza but it is obvious things are still the same o’l same o’l at the MWF. Details of what happened can easily be found on the World Wide Web by an easy search on the subject and I will not discuss the Back Water Pump Project but I will briefly discuss the Extravaganza and the lack of support for the vendors and the show.

From the first time we signed up, it seems like no one really knows what to do or how to run this type of show. While they have hired a new CEO in 2020 and brought on board new Event staff for the 2021 show, not one member of the Federation reached out too us to return. Looking at the World Wide Web, they have done nothing to showcase or advertise for their 2021 show other than to have two local papers run small articles on the upcoming show, that specifically brought up the problems of the back water pump project (potentially sabotaging the show again for 2021). Even the MFW own Facebook page has done nothing to showcase the event coming up in just a few weeks away. They have not even created an event page for the annual extravaganza on their social media page on the largest social media outlet in the world Facebook! We even checked Twitter and Instagram and still nothing to help support or advertise for this annual fundraiser but yet they expect vendors to spend $600-$1,200+ for booths to come too their show and support them but they do nothing in return to support the vendors. s it me or does anyone else see this as odd??? HUMMMM It is hard to overcome the lack of support from any organization when you give them money for years for a show and they make promises to do something in return i.e. advertise for their own show and they do not. They meet with you personally and make promise that changes are in the mix and yet nothing changes! They keep making promises and never come thru with their promises. In the 2019 Back Water Pump catastrophe that ruined their last show, the Main Stream media published articles (more than one) that truly damaged the show, but what the media may or may not have know was that certain people took it upon their selves to go after and bash any vendor who did not back out of the MWF Expo by publishing a list of those vendors and publically naming and using a public outcry to public harass and bash any business that went forward and supported the MWFs show that year, this further hurt any vendor that showed up. Days leading up to the Expo, vendors after vendor cancelled and backed out on the Federation Expo as news spread like wild fire and vendors were put on a hit list by several patron threatening peoples businesses who attended and set up for the show. Seventy-five to eighty percent +/- % of the shows vendors backed out due to peer pressure or threats from these home grown terrorist. MWF staff promised to file legal action and help and support any vendor that were harassed but two years afterwards, MWF failed to do anything, lying to those vendors who were harassed and bashed! Here we are two years later and still not one person from the Mississippi Wildlife Federation has come forward to discuss what they publically stated they would do in that they would file a law suit against those parties that sabotaged the previous years Extravaganza and who went after those vendors. If anything, the vendors that showed up in 2019 amidst the controversy should be offered prime placement in 2021 show and should get 2021 Booths for FREE!!! Those that showed up were promised by leaders of the MWF that they would get preferable treatment and special placement at the next event and special discounts on any future shows' because they hung in there with the MWF and didn’t back out like others. They were also told those that backed out would not be allowed back, but I guarantee you in 2021 when you do your own audits, you will find every vendor that backed out will be allowed back and be at the 2021 show. The 2019 Extravaganza Expo was so bad that many people (paying patrons) just did not show up causing the majority for the vendors to started packing up Saturday afternoon to leave early and never returned! Mass Media outlets & Local News Stations didn’t make it any better by reporting misleading news stories and conflicting information about the show and what was really happening behind the scenes as the drama unfolded and everyone that participated truly suffered. Speaking on behalf of EveryDay Preppers, we lost thousands of dollars in revenue and got stuck with inventory that we could not sell for months due to the drama that ensued and promises made by the MWF apparently didn’t mean a thing as they never did contact us regarding the 2020 show that was later cancelled. We had to find out about the cancellation thru the World Wide Web and not thru any communication thru the Federation proving my point that things still have not changed with them. Leading up too the new show in 2021, we have never once been notified, received a letter, email or phone call from anyone fro the MWF about the 2021 show scheduled for a few weeks from now, further showing support for what we keep saying….nothing has changed! EveryDay Preppers was promised all types of incentives for hanging in there and supporting them thru the bad times. As of the date of this article we have yet to be contacted by the new leadership of the MWF or the new leaders of the Extravaganza Expo Team has made any effort to contact EveryDay Preppers about the 2021 show which is odd considering we defended them throughout all of the controversy. Most recently we ready in the Clarion Ledger where the MWF was going forward with the 2021 Extravaganza and found it odd that we were never notified. This says a lot about the leadership new / odd of the Mississippi Wildlife Federation and how they plan to take care of the everyone that were there for them when times were tough. Remember what I said early, they said they would not allow any of the vendors back they backed out on them due weeks / days leading up to the 2019 show, but I guarantee you they will be at the 2021 show. If you see any of them at this show, please leave a comment below, we would love to know who they allowed back!

So, at this time we have a formal announcement to make. EveryDay Preppers USA will not be participating in the 2021 Mississippi Wildlife Extravaganza and will not be participating in any future events for the Mississippi Wildlife Federation until such time leaders of the Federation meets with us to discuss their broken promises and how they are going to make it up too us going forward. In the mean time, we as a company will move forward and support other organizations worthy of our support throughout the South.

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