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ReadyWise Emergency Foods Works with EveryDay Preppers

In 2020, the US as well as every country in the world was affected by medical / lab created disease called Covid-19. With Natural Disaster Emergency Preparedness in our background and personally living thru yearly Tornados, Severe Thunder & Lighting Storms as well as Hurricane and Earthquakes over the past 50+ years it is only natural that we relook at preparing for any emergency from Mother Nature's Natural Disasters to Health Related Disasters like Covid-19 and rethink how we prepare for the future.

Covid affected everyone around the world in different ways but the most common was food and consumer goods and I can promise you most did not take the virus seriously in the beginning and no one knew how it would affect our food supply and daily living like it has. No one still today knows how it will affect long term food supplies as well as other chain supply items (Consumer Goods). Many discussion are being had now amongst several communities about why the largest big box stores in America like WalMart & Target and other large chains have yet to restock on staple items like Toilet Paper, Paper Towers, Can Goods, Sugar, Coffee and other items and why they are holding out on these consumers items and not restocking their shelves? reports are coming in that they are stockpiling for for relapse of the virus later down the line. Will we relapse and have another round of this deadly disease? Will another lab somewhere in the world leak another deadly virus again? We know it shut down imports from other countries which ironically did affect food supplies, cleaning supplies as well as consumer goods here in the US. The US found out first hand they depend too much on foreign countries for certain items i.e. food for example. All over the globe there were food shortages. I personally hope it taught America that we need to depend more on USA Ranchers, Farmers and USA bult products more and we will not be as bad off the next go around. I think this was a wake up call for many but will our own Government take it seriously and depend more on USA based companies continue on the path that lead to today's issues. Ranchers and farmers were once our life blood and we as Americans depending on them, we need t get back to this! This is when the owners of EveryDay Preppers, decided they need re-evaluate what they were doing and learn to be better prepared and offer products for everyday people. Regular citizens as well as the prepper community was caught off guard by Covid and no one ever thought about the severity of what something like Covid could do. Everyday Preppers started looking at freeze dried and dehydrated food as one of our owners had previous experience in these type food in his youth on several outdoor adventure trips. As they started to investigate they found ReadyWise Company and a few others. While you too may find other companies that sell similar products, EDP found ReadyWise to be the best all around as well as offering gourmet type meals with a 25 year shelf life that actually taste good. Who wants to eat Military MREs if you do not have too? MIlitary folks dont even like them and long time exposure to these can cause other health related problems; ask any soldier. Also, the new style MRE only has a 3 year shelf life. Most MRE's found on the world wide internet are out of date anyway. While I am not telling you if you have MREs to throw them out, I am telling you to swap them up and offer a variety in the case of an emergency and do not solely depend on MRE by itself. What we have noticed is most MRE on the market today are out of date by 2-3 years. Having ReadyWise will offer you the best all around meal plans for short or long times when you need emergency meals. They also offer great meals for camping, hiking and weekend get a ways. Preparing for yourself and your family should be paramount and you cannot go wrong with ReadyWise!

Today, EveryDay Preppers USA (EDP) is proud to announce we are one of the newest official dealers and distributors for ReadyWise Foods. Wise Foods recently changed their name and rebranded the company to offer more varieties and showcase some all new items both food and emergency preparedness needs plus an all new brand for weekend trips, camping & hiking adventures. EDP will focus on the food and will offer a variety of the best selling items thru ReadyWise Foods. Plans to start off small and grow with the company and bring on more products as the months progress. If you see something you would like, let us know. Readywise under our in-house investigation to be the best all around food supply, 25 year shelf like, the over all quality of their food actually taste great compared to others you find at big box stores.

When I was preparing for my family years ago all I could find was MREs and Roman Noodles. I had pallets of roman delivered to a disaster site after the MRE supply ran dry. I ran a disaster site for a California Earthquake Service Center for about a year and let me tell you, a person can only eat so much roman noodles before you feel like you are a noodle, LOL. I wish ReadyWise was around back then!

ReadyWise food is so popular today, Hikes, Campers and outdoor enthusiast love ReadyWise products and carry it with them on weekend adventures.

Life will present challenges, especially unforeseen ones. Everyone has been talking for months about the Dark Winter or the second wave of Covid too hit and grocery stores once again being overwhelmed and running out of stock again. All over Alabama as well as Georgia (Atlanta) are reporting outages of food staples again and is just mid-November 2020. Wouldn't it be wise to get in while you can and order some Wise Foods and have it stored in your storage room, pantry or laundry room? One of the "Big Box" stores in my area still today has yet to restock on Lysol Wet Wipes or any sanitizing wipes much less other products and they are the biggest chain store in the US today. Can good on the food isle ran out before Thanksgiving, what will happen if people panic buy again? Many have stated this chain is storing them off site or in 18 wheelers stockpiling for the dark winter and ready to price gouge people when it hits. Many other food stores have had limited food selections in beef, chicken or pork as well as limited fresh veg's and can goods; so it is obvious this is far from being over. While many of these challenges and obstacles can not be avoided, you can always prepare for them as best you can. ReadyWise foods offers a collection of high quality, ready-made dehydrated and freeze-dried foods that can help you and your loved ones prepare for nearly any emergency event as well as what we are all going thru now with Covid-19. If you live in the South like I do, you know most seasons we deal with some sort of major disaster. We just got thru Tornado season and now dealing with Hurricanes and fixing to get into Winter weather and power outages, then comes the rainy season. I personally plan to have several boxes / buckets for my family ready just in case, what about you?

Be prepared whenever disaster strikes by stocking up on ReadyWise Emergency Food items only seems like a good idea, you and your loved ones can be fully prepared if and when an emergency event occurs.

Be Wise and Be Ready, try ReadyWise today and see what everyone is talking about. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

We have showcased on our web site some of the best selling products offered thru ReadyWise Foods right now and coming soon, we will offer even more of their product line. We also plan to also offer drop ship service too soon, something we have never done before. As the ReadyWise Company continues to grow, so will we thru the new branding of ReadyWise name and brand. So, make sure you visit our web site weekly for new product releases and see what is new out that you will want to try!

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