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Ultra Lite Stoves, Add One To Your Vehicle Kit

In doing some research this past Winter I found it too be very beneficial to carry along a Ultra Lite Hikers / Campers Stove in my Vehicle. We all know we should be carrying some bottle water, chocolate and nutritional bars, but why not a few pouch meals and a small Ultra Lite Stove and a small Iso Butane Stove like the one pictured above? If you travel like I do, having this along just seems like a natural progression for yourself and your party traveling along with you and literally takes up very little space and is something anyone can do year round. I posed this in several groups I am in and it went over very well. Let's say you day travel hundreds of miles for work or weekend travel for work or pleasure this Summer and break down. First, you better have you go bag that we all have or the components of it in your vehicle and you do not know if you will be there for a few hours or over night. Break out this little stove, boil water and have a meal to help keep your strength up and stay warm. As many of you know my background is in emergency management (Natural Disaster) and according to the National Weather Service this Winter is the worst on record in the North-East. June 1st starts the Office start to the Atlantic Hurricane Season and the average is 14 Hurricanes per year plus tropical storms out numbering this. So, having a vehicle kit with food prep is vital now days as things are getting worse. Last year, we just came thru the worst Hurricane season on record and natural disaster do not seem to be letting up.

Several years ago in Tuscaloosa, Alabama a family member took 6 hours to travel less than 10 miles from downtown Tuscaloosa to Lake Tuscaloosa area where she lived and was stuck in snowed out conditions and in traffic for those 6 hours and she was unprepared as was the city of Tuscaloosa and surrounding cities. She did not have bottle water, blankets, food or anything and almost ran out of gas. You can bet this will not happen again.

I also have additional background in Scouting; there have been some major improvements thru the years compared to the O'L Coleman Camp Stoves of the past and hiking / camping stoves like the BRS 3000, BRS Ultra Lite, Pocket Rocket, Snow Peak and Amicus and Amicus Wind Master as just a few of the best Ultra Lite versions you might want to consider adding to your vehicles kits and these are small enough to put in the glove box or under the seats of any vehicle. While I am still a huge fan of the Green Coleman Camp Fuel Stoves, I do not usually travel with them, I travel with several Ultra Lites.

I just ordered two for Tina and myself and am still researching what is the best for us long term. When it comes to these type stoves there is a lot of controversy or schools of thought. Economy Vs Expensive and let me say, just because it is expensive does not mean it is better; Stainless Steel vs Titanium, Iso Butane Vs Propane Vs Alcohol Vs Liquid Fuel. I am a big fan of Alcohol Stoves too but I didnt want to carry a lot of alcohol in my vehicle in the Summer time so I opted for Iso Propane's BRS3000 for now. I will be experimenting with several as the weeks go along. Let me know what you carry and your thoughts by leaving comments below.

Don't forget you will also need something like a TOAKS Cup & Lid ($34) or Stanley Cook Set ($14.95) and Bottle Water plus dehydrated meal of your choice. I prefer Mountain House over any other on the market due to quality, price and over all taste.

I got something I thought will work for now for my needs, but your needs may be different and after playing with it for a while I may decide on another unit.

What are your thoughts??? Leave Comments below...

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