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Why Are Cat & Dog Food In Short Supply?

Why Are Cat & Dog Food In Short Supply

For the past 6+ months and throughout 2022 Cat and Dog food has been in short supply. Today, I investigated and had a supply clerk check several Wal-Mart’s throughout the South only to learn they are all out of stock on their own supplies. So, if Wal-Mart, I would say one of the largest purchasers of Cat & Dog Food cannot get product, we are hurting Nationwide. He checked 20 locations and every location stated 0 or a negative number in the stock column. in reading old reports / articles, some state the reason for the shortage in can foods is due to the shortage of aluminum to make the can goods but this is not been a mass reflection in can human foods including but not limited too can vegetables or can drinks, so I really do not think this is a valid reason! Some say it is due to packaging materials and my reply to that would be: what has changed this past year? What has changed since Covid to make packaging materials in short supply? Nothing, would be that answer! Lastly, would be RAW Materials, which I can see this being a small factor as we have been hit with shortages from foreign countries, the inability to unload ships and transport goods across the USA and this is the fault of the current administration (Biden). Also, the current Administration causing issues with our production of mining and drilling fossil fuels, shutting down USA Pipe lines and oil producing derricks and the rising cost of fuel for farmers, ranchers and every day workers. I also see weather being a factor as we are currently in some of the worst Winter weather to hit the US in 30 years, but this will only make things worse and this administration isn’t and didn’t prepare for this. This doesn’t explain for the past years problems and the situation we are I now, but will hurt us and continue to cause problems going forward for months to come. What is the Biden Administration doing to help this situation? If it is a problem with RAW Materials and / or transportation, what are they doing to help the food industry. I really didnt see much being done when Baby ofrmula was and still is currently in short supply and now months later it has hit another product line (Pet Foods). What will be hit next and what will our Federal Administration do too help before it gets any worse?

20Lbs Dry Cat Food used to $12 and today I paid close to $24 for the same thing. I cannot speak for Dog food, but I would imagine it is just as high. I know what used to be 39 cent can food is close and in some cases over $1 a can now. They keep telling us it is a aluminum can shortages, but this doesn’t account for the dry food bags that are in short supply and shelves being empty all over the country. This also hasn’t stopped the Big Soda Companies: Coke / Pepsi from selling millions of soft drink can last year and also them coming out with new flavors and styles.

Maybe if this is the root of the problem, they need to be rationed like other companies were during the war effort and see how they like it. It doesn’t affect me because I do not drink sodas and haven’t in years, but they needs to be action taken! They say pet food companies are struggling to keep up with demand but I do not see demand increasing I see companies not doing their part to just keep up in general! They say they want to help Americans, but why did they let it get this bad and why are they not asking for help? Why has the Federal Government not stepped in to help. They stepped in to help the automotive industry that didn't need help. Doesn't our food industry, including bare shelves of can goods, baby formulas and now pet food need help too??? Why has the mass media not jumped on this and not talked about this on the nightly news every night to help? Why do you not read this on CNBC, CNN or NBC Nightly News or CBS? The average family home has one or more pets, either Cat, Dog or Bird. This is a major issue and no one is talking about it and keeping it on the forefront to get attention and help. They talked about Baby Formula for maybe a week or two but no one is talkign about how the pet industry as a whole is / has been affected!

What are you doing to help your own pet. Will you spread the word? Will you share this article? If it was between feeding your beloved pet and drinking a soda, what would you choose?

I know I would choose my Blossom Cat; she didn’t ask for this in the same respect we didn’t either.

Let’s Get This Fixed Now!!!

We need our pets in our lives, they are our family too!!!

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