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With Covid Cases Falling, Trade Shows On The Rise Summer 2021

With Covid cases going down throughout the US much less throughout the South, Trade Shows in certain areas throughout the South have started back up full force. While some areas in Louisiana & Mississippi have seen a recent rise in cases, some states like Alabama have seen virus cases steadily fall allowing the authorization of more and more trade shows and events throughout the state; trade shows have in fact started back up with some regulation and in some areas very strict guidelines. Some places like Birmingham, Alabama still have unreasonable regulations and many vendors still will not and cannot afford to participate in those shows, simply because it is not cost affective for them to do so. When you have to surround your entire booth with 1/4-1/2” Plexi-glass and you have booths that are 7-8-10 tables, this can be very costly per show when you, the vendor has to pay for that plexi-glass barrier out of your own pocket.

Other areas in North, Central and South Alabama have allowed shows without such restrictions and Covid cases never rose and those shows were highly successful. For the first time in recent history, there was what appeared to be an 8 week lull in the Trade Show schedule where no one in Alabama or the surrounding states where hosting shows. This had nothing to do with Covid or the virus just no one was scheduling shows. With the signs of Summer finally here marking the half way mark of the year, Alabama Governor finally cancelled her State of Emergency and the Mandatory Mask orders as well as her Safer At Home Order that her residents have been under for over a year. This is a huge sign that things are getting back to some sort of normalcy and you will start to see more and more shows throughout the South. Gun Show Trader, the leader in sharing information about local events throughout the US has posted a ton of activity showcasing upcoming events this summer in all the Southern States.

Blade Show 40 will lead the Summer schedule off in Georgia. This Atlanta knife show is held at Cobb Galleria and hosted by Caribou Media was on June 4th-6th along with Gem Capital over in Carrolton, GA starting June 5th-6th. In Alabama, ABBA Shrine out of Mobile will be the only show in Alabama that weekend and will be one of the biggest in the South starting the Summer show schedule off there on June 12th followed by A.G. Shows back in Rossville, GA at Fort Olgethorpe along with two shows by RK Shows one in Marietta Union Hall in Marietta and another shows in Lawrenceville on the same day; RK hosting in the past much larger shows than most in the Georgia area. These are the only two shows at this time scheduled for Alabama in June that we know of; ABBA being the biggest in Alabama on June 12th followed by CASC in Montgomery on June 19th at the Alcazar Shrine. In Louisiana also on June 12th Classic Arms will be back at Bossier City while Kerry Murphy will return to the South for his West Monroe Shows all on June 12th-13th. The following week, Great Southern will be back at New Orleans, Kenner Area for the first time in months. Those that do not know it, the owners of Classic Arms is the sister to Great Southern’s owner and are also kin to another promoter in Florida too. On June 11th-13th the Tupelo Show will return next door to the Tupelo Flea Market up in North Mississippi area. And at the end of the month, June 26th, RK Shows will return to the South Haven (North Mississippi) area for their show rounding off all the shows in Mississippi for June. Last year RK shut down their Memphis show and moved it too South Haven, MS. Heading into July, you can see Alabama have a show almost every weekend starting with July 4th weekend in Dothan, Alabama by CASC, then July 10th & 11th in Robertsdale, Alabama and AGCA return to the Hoover Met - Finley Center for the largest shows in Alabama featuring their 600 / 700 table events, then CASC returns to Montgomery, Alabama to the Alcazar Shrine to close out the month of July. We plan to have more news by Mid-Summer of what’s going on throughout the South so, stay tuned right here for more news & information; remember to check out our all new Calendar section for events we will be participating in throughout the Summer & Fall months.

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