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Southern Show Promoters

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EveryDay Preppers is an authorized dealer listed on the largest database in the gun show world in North America.
If you ever need us or want to know more about us, click on the LINK and it will take you the link about us, our bio and what all we offer. We are honored to work throughout the southeast and work with the best promoters in the country.

*Click the Gun Show Trader Image Below*

Hand Gun Information Web Sites

If you would like to be listed to our web site.
Please go to the Contact Us section and fill out your information.
EDP will follow up with you with in 24/48 hrs depending on if we are at a Gun & Trade Show. 
We vow to follow up ASAP.

All Dealers & Promoters who comply with listing guidelines will receive a FREE Listing
for six months on the EveryDay Preppers web site.

$25/ year fee will be charged for future listing on the EDP Web Site.
At the six months mark after your first free trial period, a prorated fee will be due at that time 
for the remainder of the first year.
The annual fee will be on January 1st of each year.

*Prices subject to change without notice or consultation.

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