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NEXT EVENT ~ Big POP / LAUREL MS - Laurel Gun Show - March 17 & 18 2018



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EveryDay Preppers is dedicated to helping Every Day People with preparing for all types of Situations & Emergencies. From breaking down on the high way during your normal day to Mother Nature's rath of Storms, Tornadoes & Hurricanes, Earthquakes to ideas for camping, hiking and survival. We help you be better prepared for life’s situations.


The founder has years of experience working for & with multiple governmental & non-profit agencies in emergency management as well as helping co-found of one of the first Disaster Application Center Hand Books / Manuals and was Co-Creator of one of the original Disaster Application Center Kits for the federal government as well as State of California. Basically, a large over size plastic box or military style footlocker at that time, containing all a Disaster Team would need in the field to help set up a disaster center for the public, city, county and state agencies.  He is a former Federal & State Emergency Management Manager and former instructor, former BSA Scout & Life Guard, Former BSA Member of Order of The Arrow, Former Life Guard the American Red Cross & American Red Cross CPR Trained. So, he brings unique knowledge, skill & ability to the for-front when it comes to EveryDay Emergencies as well as camping & survival in the field from urban areas to the wilderness.


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Feel free to contact us for more information about EveryDay Preppers, any of our items for sale or to invite us to your next show or event.

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