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  • I have a warranty issue what do I do?
    All warranty issues need to be run thru the EveryDay Preppers Management Team. Contact us directly thru this web site Contact Us section or email us directly at: EveryDayPreppersUSA@Gmail.Com Please keep in mind, we are on the road workign Gun & Knife shows as well as Street Festivals and Trade Shows throughout the year and it may take us a day or two to reply but rest assure all inquiries will be answered in the order they are received. If you do not hear from us with in one week of your inquiry, please feel free to message us again. Multiple inquiries for the same issue within days apart does not mean you will be answered in any earlier time frame. We try to answer all inquiries in order they are received.
  • My OTF Knife does not deploy, whats wrong with it?"
    Every OTK knife that is considered Legal like ours, has a Safety Break Mechanism in it. This is so that it will not deploy into anyone or anything. It your knife blade is free floating, it most likely is in safety mode. This also happens if you do not ush the button with force and half hazardly push it. It thinks there is somethign wrong and goes into safety mode. Always deploy the knife with constant force on the button and it will work correctly each & every time. To place back into normal working mode: gently with caution, take the knife body on one hand and the blade in the other hand grabbing the blade by the spine and pull the blade away from the knife body until you hear a clicking sound. You may even feel it engage when you hear the clicking sound. The knife should be back into normal working condition. Keep in mind this is a safety issue and there generaly is nothing wrong with the knife.
  • CobraTec CTK-1 Large (Video)
    Click on this link to check out the new CobraTec CTK-1 Series Knife
  • How do I change the blade in my CobraTec OTF (Video)
    Click on the link provided to see how to change the balde in your CobraTec CTK-1 OTF
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