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Whats Included?

  • 4 Black Beard Fire Starters
  • 1 Black Beard Velcro Patch
  • 1 Fire Kit Organizer
  • 1 Black Beard Ferro Rod
  • 1 Plasma Arc Lighter

The only tools you will ever need for a fire! Now Introducing the Black Beard Ultimate Bundle! Yaaarrrgggghhhh!!!

This is the Ultimate package deal with unlimited applications. It is a must have for any "go bag", glove box, 72 hour kit and or outdoors enthusiast!

Here is a breakdown of each item:


The Black Beard Arc Lighter

This is an one of a kind must have gadget. With its brand new technology, feel free to throw away your old gas lighters that don't even work with the slightest wind, water or need to be refueled. That's right, our Black Beard Arc Lighters are Waterproof Windproof and Rechargeable. They also come with a lanyard and USB charging cord for convenience. 

  • Water Proof

  • Wind Proof

  • 300+ Ignites on a single charge

  • Dual arc beam for more heat

  • Ready to use right out of the box


Fire Kit Organizer

 The organizer interior includes two slip pockets, 12 elastic organizers and swivel clip. The exterior includes a slip pocket with Velcro closure,  a molle panel and carrying handle. With plenty of extra space, feel free to add whatever you would like to the kit


Black Beard Fire Starter 

We understand that one of the most important aspects of being outdoors is staying warm! That is why we have hand crafted a fully dried material that is both waterproof,  windproof, and convenient in size and weight! 

One of the best features of our Black Beard Fire Starter is that they do not have an expiration date opened or unopened. Our unique blend will never evaporate, deteriorate or dissipate and is designed to light up every time.  Black Beard Fire Starters are a must have for every backpacker, bug out bag and 72 hour/emergency kit. Throw it in your packs and don't worry about not having a fire again. 

We start with fully dried and braided cotton rope and infuse it with our special blend of odorless, non toxic waxes and oils. This treatment process allows our product to be completely safe to handle while being an extremely efficient and simple fire starting aid. 


Black Beard Ferro Rod

Black Beard himself went years stranded on an island with only his beard and trusted ferro rod. Rain, wind or shine it never let him down while trying to start a fire. We highly suggest you follow his recommendations and pick one up today! 

  • Length of the rod: 5” Diameter 1/2".
  • EXTRA LARGE. Super thick 1/2” in diameter  throws a MASSIVE shower of hot sparks to light fire instantly in any conditions. 
  • Windproof & weather resistant.
  • Over 7 feet of paracord
  • Provides up to 5000 degree sparks in all weather, at any altitude. Extremely durable and reliable. 
  • Perfect emergency fire starter for Bushcraft, Hiking, Hunting, Fishing, Camping, EDC, Emergency, BBQ, Gas Camp Stoves, etc

Black Beard - Pirates Plunder

$126.00 Regular Price
$74.95Sale Price
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